How To Make Money As A Kid

It was pretty tough for a kid to earn money in the older days, and there were some petty jobs that a kid could have done

How To Make Money As A Kid

It was pretty tough for a kid to earn money in the older days, and there were some petty jobs that a kid could have done

10 April 2021 Saturday 07:03
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How To Make Money As A Kid

It was pretty tough for a kid to earn money in the older days, and there were some petty jobs that a kid could have done. Nowadays, things are pretty easy for kids. They can earn a handful of money being on the way to financial independence.

Parents do a great job explaining finances, but it's hard to understand concepts until you experience things yourself. It's the same with finance. It's essential to understand the hard work and patience associated with money before it's too late to learn more about money.

Here are some tips from Malik Mullino, ex-marine and CEO Jadelite Assets LLC.

It's tough for kids to earn money when they are younger, around 7-8 years old. Still, they have a strong network and parents to back them up, which can be a tremendous money-making situation.

First things first, it's essential to get your parents consent before trying out anything.

Your kid could try some of the jobs mentioned below if they don't own a mobile or a computer for now, or if you have any of these, then there's more for you in the next section.

●  Babysitting

If your children are interested in taking care of children, then a parent can help them find childcare jobs through friends and neighbours. In this way, you will feel comfortable when your child's alone at home, as he'll be having some company.

●  Yard Sale

Assisting your children in sorting through their old clothing, accessories, and toys is a perfect way to help them earn money. Set up a yard sale for them, and whatever money they make is theirs to hold.

●  Car Wash

If your child is young, they can volunteer to wash the cars of your neighbours.

●  Yard Work

Many of us need assistance with yard work daily. If you're able to let your kids borrow your yard tools, this might be a perfect way for them to make money in your neighbourhood.

●  Walking Dogs

Many children like walking puppies and most adults may use any assistance. Furthermore, if the two of you will do it together, you can benefit from the fresh air and exercise.

●  Selling Merchandise

It's never been easier to design and market t-shirts together than it is now. A graphic designer and a screen printer are no longer needed. Several websites are dedicated to designing, promoting, and selling your t-shirts, including Shopify, Zazzle, Teespring, CafePress, and others.

If your child is not interested in wandering outside and is stuck with screens, these jobs would be great for them.

●  Online Surveys

Companies want your opinions, and in turn, we get money, and it's one of the easiest ways to earn money. Because kids spend so much time on their computers, they may as well make some money while they're at it.

●  Selling Illustrations Online

If your child enjoys drawing, this is a hobby that they might use to earn money. They'll be great if you get them an excellent illustrating tablet and some easy-to-use apps. You can head over to Deviantart to create a portfolio.

●  Selling Craft Online

If your child likes designing jewellery or art, selling them online might be a fun way for them to earn money. Etsy is now the most common website for this type of item.

●  Selling Old Things Online

Your child can sell their old stuff online on e-commerce websites such as eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, Poshmark, and Amazon to get some extra pocket money.

●  Youtube Videos

Kids today are too much into computers and mobiles, keep watching videos and see if these videos could be an income stream for them. YouTube is a platform where some decent money can be made if your child loves to create videos. A lot of kids have been creating videos specifically for YouTube to get the point of making money. For example, kids can be product testers and make videos of them testing out products from different companies. And suppose your child likes to make videos about specific topics. In that case, they will start making money by putting commercials in their videos. However, as a father, you should keep a close watch on this money-making chance.

●  Writing Blogs

If your child likes blogging, starting a blog when they are young could help them get to the point of monetization by the time they can use it. Writing a blog can be a lot of fun, but making money from a blog can take a long time. As a result, this could be a longer-term aim that children will achieve over time.

●  Testing Apps

Since most of our children are immersed in their mobile and computers, it's only natural for them to earn money by exploring applications. Your child will start doing this in many ways, and TesterWork and UberTesters are two of the best places for your kid to start earning while enjoying their time.

The best advantage of letting your kid their own money will be financial independence, which would help them when they'll be older, finishing colleges and ready to enter adulthood.

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