How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

Would you say your company has a positive, fun, and thriving culture?

How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

Would you say your company has a positive, fun, and thriving culture?

11 May 2021 Tuesday 13:37
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How to Create a Thriving Company Culture

Would you say your company has a positive, fun, and thriving culture?

If you are not sure of your answer, this probably means you could do with a little help in this area of your business.

Many companies spend so much time focused on their products and services that they forget the importance of fostering good working relationships and ensuring the engagement of their employees.

Fortunately, it is never too late to start creating a thriving company culture, and you can achieve one in only five simple steps, so read on to find out more.

Step 1: Identify your brand values

The best place to start when trying to identify your brand values is your company's mission statement. That being said, there is no reason why your company values cannot change over time as your business evolves, so it is always a good idea to reevaluate them at least once a year.

Ensure that you involve your entire team in the process and be sure to discuss your brand values and your goals and aspirations for the future.

Step 2: Focus on communication

If you want to achieve a positive company culture, you need to focus on great communication within your workforce. Predominantly, you need to create an environment where your employees feel comfortable talking to management about any concerns they may have and how they can progress within the company.

As well as organizing regular team-building events, you should also try to be as open and honest as possible with your team, even concerning challenging times that your business may be going through.

Step 3: Create a diverse workforce

The benefits of having a diverse workforce are numerous, with the potential ability to increase productivity, improve creativity, reduce employee turnover, and improve cultural insights.

The GC Index speak about equality, diversity and inclusion and the positive effects that it can have on your overall company culture, linking diversity to increased innovation and profits.

Step 4: Seek out employee feedback

Employee feedback is crucial if you want to create a positive company culture, as, without it, employees can become dissatisfied, leading to low employee retention rates. Therefore, make sure that you actively ask for feedback from your employees during team meetings, through employee satisfaction surveys, and while undertaking annual performance reviews.

Although you might not like to hear negative comments about your company, constructive feedback is necessary for the overall performance of your business and for the happiness of your employees, which will lead to increased productivity.

Step 5: Give recognition

Even if your budget does not stretch to offering monetary rewards for your employees' success, you may be surprised at just how effective praise and recognition is in making your team feel appreciated and valued for their efforts.

Rather than opt for grand gestures once in a blue moon, instead focus on giving thanks to your employees daily, even if it is just a word of thanks or a "well done" email.



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