Five Ways To Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts

28 August 2019 Wednesday 06:11
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Five Ways To Prevent Corrosion of Metal Parts

The corrosion process is like the depreciation of metal over time which cannot be stopped at all. However there are ways through which this process can be slowed down and managed easily. Corrosion is a major problem that engineers have to look into when they are constructing buildings or anything that is substantial and has metal in it. Despite installing protective corrosion barriers, yet there are many issues of corrosion. Corrosion is a process when a metal reacts with an oxidizing agent that is present in that environment. Carrion can cause massive damage to an entire building and cause loss of worth millions of dollars. The five ways to protect metal from corrosion are:

1.      Install protective coating

It is very important to incorporate a protective layer between the metal and the oxidizing agents. Yes, protective layers make the metal a bit expensive but do it for a long period. A cliché method is galvanization through which the makers apply a thin layer of zinc on the part that has to be protected. Powder coating is also a rampantly used method globally. If the right type of powder coating is done, it can protect the metal part for a long time.

2.      Maintenance

People don’t often look forward to maintenance for a long time, which is why smaller issues transition into big losses. Corrosion is a process which doesn’t stop but can be slowed down with a lot of methods. If not checked upon, a metal that has gone through the process of depreciation already will take a big toll on the entire building. The common myth is that coatings last forever which is not true. Even coatings can last for a certain time and start wearing off.

3.      Environmental Control

Corrosion is the result of the quality of the metal and the environment that metal is in. If metal parts are not to be used for a long time, there is no need to put them out in an open space. Otherwise they’ll start reacting with the environmental oxidants. Galvanic corrosion is another type of carrion that occurs when metal reacts with an electrolyte like saltwater. If an entire machine can be broken down into parts appropriately, corrosion can be prevented for a long time.

4.      Use tumbling media

Tumbling media is very common these days because it helps in preventing the corrosion of metal parts. However, the interesting point to note is that it comes in a variety of shapes and colors. Tumbling media is very helpful when it comes to cleaning a metal so that it gets rid of all the debris that clogs on it. People often use tumbling media in homes to protect their machines from corrosion. Professionals use it to get their work done fast. Metal corrosion can be slowed down with the use of tumbling media way faster than the conventional methods.

5.      Cathodic protection

Another common method to prevent corrosion is to apply electrical current to the metal’s surface. Many people use impressed current with the help of outside course of electrical current to cure the corrosive part. Though this method is not so widely common because of the risk, yet many companies do it where it is important to get rid of the issue fast. Ionic reactions are very important when it comes to cutting down corrosion in metals.


Lastly, it is no wonder that corrosion can cause massive damage to a building, so it is better to prepare for it on time.



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