Executive Excellence - Why An Executive Suite Is The Right Fit For Your Business

Executive Excellence - Why An Executive Suite Is The Right Fit For Your Business

30 August 2018 Thursday 05:32
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Executive Excellence - Why An Executive Suite Is The Right Fit For Your Business

The office overlooks the bay, and at sunset, the skyline begins an amazing stretch across the urban landscape. Look down, and you can see hundreds and thousands of office workers milling about eagerly as they scramble to catch the bus or train, to take a taxi or run to any one of the nearest parking garages. The atmosphere is alive with the energy found at the end of the day, for after work plans, for going to dinner, or even for hanging out at local watering holes.

This picture could be of any American city, and while it is easy to see ourselves at the helm of a business that occupies this reality, the cost of renting in many downtown areas is ridiculously high, pricing many businesses out of even thinking about leasing in these areas. As commercial real estate rents continue to climb in these areas, especially New York where office space costs the most worldwide, businesses do have options in securing affordable office space in any location. The executive suite, for one, is a serviced office that drastically reduces costs streamlining your overhead.

Let’s take a closer look at the reasons why the executive suite might be a great fit for your business.


For businesses that have to work in some America’s financial centres, the executive office is a more affordable alternative to traditional leasing simply because rent, utilities, office furnishings, internet access, and support staff are streamlined into one bill. One example of the way many executive suites work can be found by clicking on this link www.servcorp.com/en/executive-suites/. For your budget, being billed for everything once can really help in terms of keeping track of expenses.


Another reason that the executive office is a great choice is that, when working with an office solutions company, your leasing agent can help transition your business as it grows. This makes scaling up or down and relocating much easier than with a conventional lease. In a more conventional leasing situation, you would need to plan well ahead in advance to coordinate a move effectively. With the executive suite, you can be in your new office space within weeks of modifying your lease.

Flexible Leasing Terms 

Of the various types of leases, the lease for the executive suite is more flexible for a few reasons. Typically, most office leases ask you to commit to at least a year, which can be protracted especially for start-ups. Leases for the executive suite, on the other hand, are not quite as lengthy, some lasting only as little as a month.

This flexibility lends itself to relieving businesses of excessive start-up costs. The initial start-up cost only requires a security deposit and the first month’s rent. In comparison to traditional leases, the executive suite saves thousands off your overhead on a yearly basis, which is ideal for any business’s budget.


Another benefit to using the executive office suite is that they provide your business with a certain polish. Many of these offices are outfitted with the finest furniture, trained support staff, and world-class office amenities and equipment. In essence, your businesses are outfitted with a corporate image, but more importantly, because these offices sit in prime locations you benefit from paying a bargain price for a premium location. While image is not everything, it can be important in influencing potential clients.

Finding The Right Space For Your Office 

The hunt for the perfect office can be a time-consuming, often fruitless effort. For those businesses that want to reduce the hassle that comes with searching for an office, the executive suite is an easy, efficient, and budget-friendly way to lease space. Not only will your business’s image impress clients, but your pocketbook will be glad as well.



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