Everything About Cremation Services And Benefits

Having a loved one pass on is always of utmost grief and people barely have any means to get over this

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Recep Karaca
20 May 2022 Friday 13:59
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Everything About Cremation Services And Benefits

Having a loved one pass on is always of utmost grief and people barely have any means to get over this. It becomes more difficult with all the responsibilities that come right after and this is the emotion based on which several cremation services have started off, to make the situation a little bit bearable.

With recent prevailing situations across the world, cremation has become one of the preferable options, and many cremation services Seattle have grown up that deal with dignity, responsibly, and with a lot of sensitivity.

Here are some of the popular services that one can choose for their purposes:

Elemental Cremation & Burial

They have multiple cremation offers that can be customized according to personal needs. They value individual emotion the most and the services are designed in various packages that include cremations, burials, green burials, memorials, life celebrations, and even home funeral cremation services in Seattle.

They also have a range of products starting from urns, caskets, shrouds, jewelry, and art to flowers and other funeral and memorial products. A team of prompt professionals is available 24/7 which makes the process less complicated and easier to transition through.

Western Cremation Alliance

This cremation service is popular because of its simplicity and affordably priced services. They offer the online procedure to make an arrangement without actually meeting the funeral director. This allows saving time and up to 80% cost while seating in the comfort of home. They offer simple Cremation services in a package that includes:


  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Transportation within the service area
  • Climate-controlled holding facility
  • Electronic filing of the death certificate
  • The procedure of cremation
  • Shipping of the cremated remains within the US, hand delivery within the service area, and disposition by scattering at sea.

The Co-op Funeral Home

The Co-op Funeral Home vouches to provide dignified, affordable burial and cremation services to individuals and families. Their directors are available over the phone whenever one needs assistance while planning a funeral procedure with them.

A team of dedicated professionals helps to bring out the best possible funeral offers within the budget of the concerned family.

Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home

A member of the Dignity Memorial network, this funeral home is located in North Seattle. They specialize in memorial services, cremation spaces, burial plots, and pre-planned cremations.

They also offer transportation and relocation protection. The planning procedure can be completely personalized and to make it, even more, easier payment options are also according to the convenience of their customers.

Barton Family Funeral Service

With more than 10 years of experience, this funeral service is one of the popular ones that is accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Their services include traditional funerals, burials, and cremations. Most importantly, they bear a huge reputation because of their professional, sensitive, and responsive staff.

Other popular cremation services in Seattle with customized, affordable, environment-friendly, and dignified packages and services include Beck's funeral home, Cascade memorial, Cremation Society of Washington, Neptune Society, and many others.

Why are cremation services constantly growing in the United States?

Funeral burials are currently one of the most booming services in the US and are expected to grow by a huge tangent in coming years with more and more Americans who are choosing cremation over traditional burials.

Cremation services make the whole procedure a lot easier, especially during the age of a virus. Some of these advantages include:

Off-site arrangement

A lot of responsibilities and detailed arrangements can be done off-site. One can start paperwork online and then move towards things one by one over the phone. Cremation services offer this independence to be organized without actually physically going places for paperwork or without meeting or seeing anyone in person.

Service timeline

One of the biggest advantages is the service timeline is not at all constrained. If one plans for a memorial service, once the funeral is done there is no specific timeline for that. The arrangement of memorial services can be done anytime when the concerned individual or family has proper time.

Lower service cost

Arranging a simple yet dignified cremation procedure does not require much of the amount. These are very affordable packages that allow people to be able to honor their loved ones as well as meet everyday life needs.


The outbreak of the pandemic has firmly established cremation services in Seattle as well as across the US more than ever. Moreover, it is expected to grow more effectively in the coming years and with the development of new services, these cremation service offering centers are in constant progress to make the procedure cost-effective, dignified, and budget-friendly for the people.



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