Engineering Technology Developments To Look at In 2021

22 January 2021 Friday 08:59
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Engineering Technology Developments To Look at In 2021

There are various engineering technology trends that you must watch out for this year. This are some of the things that are expected to change the engineering industry for the better. It is important to keep track of what is happening in the technology sector, especially if you are a business person including iGaming or online gambling business. You do not want to be left out, here are some engineering technology developments happening now.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Business automation and robotics
  • Innovative risk management
  • Human skill and productivity
  • New computer designs
  • Next-generation communications
  • Zero Trust security

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has been around but what has changed is the way that it is used. There is a rise in the demand of ethical AI. Data ethics is now important and companies are choosing to deal with companies that put ethics first and value them as well as their client.

Reorganizing of automation roadmaps

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed how businesses run.  Businesses are trying to survive so automation agendas have rapidly changed. Businesses are now infusing robotic and digital process automation. They are including pragmatic AI and low-code tools as well. This is being done in order to expand business and to create resilience of businesses.

Hyperlocal Business Operations

Large companies are working towards operating hyperlocally. This means they are trying to expand to other geographical locations. This means companies have to put in place business operations systems in order to run businesses in those locations. Customer engagement is therefore important in this case, that is where zero trust security comes in.

Cloud-native Technologies

These cloud-native technologies are being used to drive innovation. They are open source but they are incubated in public clouds. These are innovation a much faster way. Cloud-native technologies are leading the way in distributing enterprise software from software vendors as we’ve seen with some slot machines (machines à sous en ligne).

Cloud Strategies

More and more companies are shifting their cloud strategies and they now include more edge services. Also, they are including more vendors.  Dominance of public cloud vendor market is being challenged as a result.