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Dealing with sexual harassment in your workplace – How can an attorney help?

Dealing with sexual harassment in your workplace – How can an attorney help?

01 August 2018 Wednesday 02:52
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Dealing with sexual harassment in your workplace – How can an attorney help?

Do you face sexual harassment at your workplace? Is there someone who demonstrates unwanted sexual conduct like throwing dirty jokes, sexual banter, pornography or propositions? If answered yes, you’re probably being a victim of sexual harassment at your workplace. However that doesn’t mean that all sorts of sexual comments will add up to form a strong lawful claim in favor of your sexual harassment case.

There is a definite law which defines sexual harassment on the job and in case you put up with any such behavior, you will definitely hire a sexual harassment attorney who can help you deal with such cases.

Workplace sexual harassment – What is it?

This is more of an umbrella term which entails a wide range of unwanted conduct and behaviors with sexual undertones. It might comprise of non-physical harassment in the form of sexual gestures and remarks or requests for different sorts of sexual favors. In case of physical harassment, they might include kisses, hugs or forced acts of sex.

Such behavior of misconduct can be done by any male member; it can be a colleague, your boss or even a client. The recipient of such behavior can also be either a female or a make and the incidents might happen even outside office. The employer is always liable to enquire about the issue, investigate and make sure he handles it in a proper way.

Who are protected against such sexual harassments?

Sexual harassment is a kind of discrimination of sex which is prohibited under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act which was passed in the year 1964. Whenever an employer has more than 15 employees in his office, he has to abide by the laws of Title VII. Majority of the local and state governments have passed certain laws which safeguard employees against sexual harassment and discrimination.

What to do when you face sexual harassment?

In case you’re being harassed by someone at the office, you should first ask him to stop. There are times when the person fails to understand that his behavior is upsetting and is inappropriate. If you can make it clear that you don’t like the conduct showed by the harasser, this will prove that it was nothing but an unwelcomed gesture.

In case the harasser is adamant enough and he doesn’t stop, file a complaint with your company. Take a close look at the employee handbook if you wish to report sexual harassment and try to follow the procedure word by word. It is not only vital to stop such behaviors at your workplace, it is also important to protect your legal rights. Get help of a sexual harassment attorney, show him evidences of what you’ve gone through and ask him to help you out.

Therefore, whenever you face sexual harassment in your office, make sure you take immediate steps to stop it and then report it on time. Seek assistance of an expert to make things resolve with ease.



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