Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial and delivery trucks present a huge danger to small vehicles

07 July 2020 Tuesday 12:09
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Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Commercial and delivery trucks present a huge danger to small vehicles. Truck drivers need to take extra precautions while on the road. Minor errors can result in huge losses. Truck drivers must complete specific training, but many still make costly mistakes.

Thousands of truck accidents happen every year. Most of them occur because of driver negligence. Here are some reasons on account of which many truck accidents take place:

Driver’s tiredness

Many accidents are a result of driver’s tiredness and fatigue. Many truck drivers work out of their capacity. Federal regulations have set a specific number of hours a trucker can drive during given time intervals. Some drivers exceed that limit, which results in fatigue.

Improper truck maintenance

All vehicle maintenance checks must be documented. Vehicles should be thoroughly checked for any faults. Some accidents occur because of failed brakes or other malfunctions. Poor vehicle maintenance and faulty equipment can result in serious accidents causing substantial damages.

Using mobile phones

Many drivers use mobile phones while behind the wheel. A single reply to a text while driving can end up with your grave being dug. It is prohibited to use phones in most capacities while driving in many states, yet almost 90% of the vehicle drivers ignore this law and continue to put their lives at stake.

Speeding while driving

Exceeding the speed limits is even more dangerous when you are driving a huge vehicle like a truck. Commercial truck drivers are known to speed because of strict timelines. If the brakes fail while speeding, a deadly situation awaits you and the nearby drivers.

Improper training

Many drivers are not given proper training to handle such a huge vehicle. Driving on extremely curvy and narrow roads is a challenge in itself and skillful driving is required to handle such situations. If a driver is not trained then he may pose a hazard on road.


There is a certain amount of weight a truck can carry. Some companies overload the truck to get more value out of each shipment. This could increase the likelihood of a tire blowout or jackknife accident. Also, the heavier the vehicle, the greater the force of impact in a crash, and the higher the chance of serious injuries and major property damage.

Weather and road conditions

You cannot drive your truck simply on all roads. Narrow and unpaved roads can make it very difficult for drivers to operate safely. Highways without shoulders can be dangerous. Adding to this, extreme weather conditions can result in accidents. Slippery roads due to rain or snow can be very dangerous to drive on, as well.

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