Case of the Mondays, Every Day: The Top Signs You're in a Toxic Work Environment

15 August 2019 Thursday 04:15
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Case of the Mondays, Every Day: The Top Signs You're in a Toxic Work Environment

There's an overwhelmingly large demographic of people who dislike going to work. In fact, 85% of US workers proclaim to hate their jobs.

While some people just dislike work in general, there's also a substantial amount of people who are stuck in a toxic work environment. For these people, there may be no better solution than to find a new job.

However, most of us have enough working experience to know that all jobs have their ups and downs, pros and cons. But how do you know if your work environment is the root of all of your work-related unhappiness? How do you know if you're in a toxic work environment?

Keep reading as we lay it all out!

Signs You're in a Toxic Work Environment

The importance workplace culture plays in our lives is profound. Regardless of good or bad, most of us bring our work home with us. We talk about it at dinner, with our friends at the gym, and so on.

Our jobs greatly affect our lives, whether we like it or not.

As we mentioned above, however, there's a stark difference between everyday work woes and a toxic work environment. Your mentality, personality, and ability to play with others also have a large part to do with how you perceive your work environment. Keep that in mind as you're reading through these points.

If you have a bad attitude and are in fact the problem, every work environment will be toxic, but it could be because of you. As you read through the signs of being in a toxic work environment, make sure you're not the root problem before you decide to quit and look for a new job!

1. You're Constantly Stressed

How are your stress levels?

If you feel stressed before, during, and after work, it's probably indicative of operating in a toxic work environment. Remember also that some people thrive where others struggle to survive. A work environment that stresses you out may not stress out your co-workers.

However, if you experience it as a toxic work environment, that's all that matters. Maybe you need something more laid back and low key. Additionally, constant stress really bad for your health!

2. You're Expected to Work Too Many Hours

Does your boss ask you to stay late, even when you don't get compensated for it? Alternatively, you may get paid for extra time spent working, but you may not feel like you have a choice.

Either scenario may be indicative of a toxic work environment. Depending on the outlined duties of your job, staying late may be what you signed up for. However, there is definitely a line between extra hours and overkill.

3. Employees Aren't Treated with Respect

People being treated unfairly or disrespectfully at the office may also be a sign of a toxic work environment. It doesn't matter if it's coming down from above or from other co-workers.

Any type of dysfunction or turbulence in the workplace can create an incredibly uncomfortable workplace.

4. There's a High Turnover Rate

Have you noticed a lot of employees coming and going since you started working at your job? If so, pay attention to what's going on around you, it may be because of a toxic work environment.

A high turnover rate is typically due to poor employee treatment, wages, etc. If you're new to the job, ask other employees why so many people come and go.

However, some jobs are just tough by definition, so don't judge too quickly. There are many reasons a job may have a high turnover rate.

5. Your Boss Is Constantly Agitated

A company is often only as good as its leadership. Look to the managers and owners. If they seem constantly stressed out and agitated, it may be because of a toxic work environment. It also may lead to one.

Agitated bosses can quickly turn their irritation on and against employees. Being on the receiving end of a poor-tempered boss can quickly ruin an otherwise good job.

6. There's a Lot of Gossiping

Another way to tell if you work in a toxic work environment is if you notice a lot of gossiping with all of the staff, bosses included.

One of the biggest complaints most people have about high school was how cliquey it all was. Why would you want to work in the same environment as an adult?

7. Your Work-Life Is Affecting Your Personal Life

As we suggested above, in some ways, we all bring work home with us. However, if it's starting to affect your personal life in a major way, it may be time to change jobs.

A toxic work environment that is severe enough to interfere in your personal life can bring you round-the-clock anxiety, stress, and unhappiness.

8. Your Boss Doesn't Respect Your Off-Hours

Work should stay at work. Unless you have a job where you are on call and get paid for being on call, you shouldn't be taking work-related calls at home.

Regardless of if it's your boss, a client, or a co-worker, your personal off-hours need to be respected. If not, put your foot down or find a new job.

9. There's Constant Drama in the Office

We spoke about cliques and gossip earlier. Those things often lead to office drama. Unfortunately, office drama often leads to a toxic work environment.

Whether you have co-workers who don't get along, office relationships blooming and withering left and right, or an employee or boss who can't keep their personal life at home, office drama is a no-no. Steer clear of it or change jobs.

10. The Prospect of Going to Work Is Overwhelming

When you wake up in the morning for work, how does it make you feel? If the answer is "overwhelmed and depressed," it may be time to look for a new job.

While no one enjoys waking up and going to work, if you get intense negative feelings about it, you're probably working in a toxic work environment.

Don't Wait Any Longer to Be Happy

If you know you're in a toxic work environment, why are you still there?

Changing jobs may be tough and inconvenient, but do you really want to be unhappy for the rest of your life. Sure, it's only your work life, but we discussed how it can carry over. Not only that, but work takes up most of our waking hours, why spend them miserably?

If you can't change things at your current job, take the risk and move to a job where you can be happier!

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