Autopistas, a subsidiary of Abertis in Spain, and the i2CAT Foundation have formed a consortium for the development of the DIMOS 5G project, which aims to deploy a ‘smart road’ based on digitalization to improve traffic flow and road safety , in addition to reducing the environmental impact.

The project has a total investment of 591,837 euros, of which 250,110 come from aid from the Ministry for Digital Transformation and Public Service, through the Secretary of State for Telecommunications and Digital Infrastructure.

As reported by the two entities, both have experience in the connected vehicle sector, Autopistas as an infrastructure operator and the i2CAT Foundation as a research and innovation center in the field of 5G and 6G networks.

The coordinator of this project on behalf of Autopistas, Anna Carreras, has assured that projects such as DIMOS 5G allow “taking a step forward” in the implementation of sustainable and connected infrastructures by testing technical solutions for the deployment of advanced mobility services with technology such as 5G, wireless connection for vehicles and the use of digital twins.

For the principal investigator of DIMOS 5G, Bruno Cordero, the project allows “extending research and development tasks regarding vehicular digital twins, providing them with the necessary capacity to receive more detailed information from future connected and autonomous vehicles and thus generate decisions.” more precise, compatible with the next level of intelligent, sustainable and cooperative driving.”

The DIMOS 5G project includes the experimental deployment of a connected infrastructure on the C-32 highway, with a 5G communications network and wireless connection technology for vehicles.

This experimental development will allow us to analyze the impact of this type of 5G infrastructure in critical road environments, such as tunnels.

The project integrates advanced mobility monitoring and management technologies with others for the wireless connection of vehicles that allow the deployment of connected mobility services for intelligent traffic management. EFE