Why was ralph waldo emerson to the press conference

Many have wondered why the Rasmus Paludan appeared at the press conference with the prime minister on Tuesday evening and asked critical questions. Besides be

Why was ralph waldo emerson to the press conference

Many have wondered why the Rasmus Paludan appeared at the press conference with the prime minister on Tuesday evening and asked critical questions. Besides be

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Ann McDonald
18 mart 2020 Wednesday 09:00
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Why was ralph waldo emerson to the press conference

Many have wondered why the Rasmus Paludan appeared at the press conference with the prime minister on Tuesday evening and asked critical questions.

Besides being a party leader for the firm, driver Rasmus Paludan media Freedom's Voice, and it was in the power of his work as a journalist in this medium, that he was allowed to ask questions to Mette Frederiksen, while he filmed her response.

Ekstra Bladet has been in touch with the prime minister's office press service. The press office informs that the only requirement to participate at the press conference was that you only sent a journalist per media, and that this had a valid press card. And such has Rasmus Paludan.

the commissioner of police lied and said absolutely gak, states attorney, party leader and editor, Rasmus Paludan. Photo: Anthon Unger

It is not only the Danish union of journalists, issuing press card and the press card, as Rasmus Paludan bar on the neck in the galerie des glaces hall, is issued by the COMPANY.

It was, however, not many questions, as Rasmus Paludan was asked Mette Frederiksen and the commissioner of police, Thorkild Foged.

In the short time, redecorate for the firm, however, had, he asked in a calm tone how there was a legal basis in the constitution to make the actions, which had just been presented.

Something that both Mette Frederiksen and the commissioner of police in a similar calm tone replied.

- Otherwise, is the constitution of freedoms as the european human rights, that there are opportunities to make exceptions - to make the derogations - when the national public health and other things, dictates it, said the commissioner of police.

- Epidemilovgivningen in Denmark have a long history behind and rests on the fundamental concern for the health of the population weigh up heavy, it can be necessary, if we are in a situation like the one we are in now, and weigh the consideration for each other, he continued.

- So on the way there, of course, a legally adopted law to Parliament in accordance with the constitution and with a legal mandate to take these decisions, concluded Thorkild Bailiff within the prime minister exploded the press conference and apologized to the journalists, who had not received the word

the Rasmus Paludan driver media Freedom's Voice, and he has a press pass. Photo: Ekstra Bladet

Paludan was the last, who was allowed to ask questions at the press conference - and he certainly does not exclude that we will be seeing him in the same role in the future.

- I was also at the press conference at the Copenhagen Police 14. april of last year. After the muslims went on a rampage on the muslim fredsplads in Nørrebro, as it is also called Blågårds Plads. So it is seen before that I participated in a press conference as a journalist for The Voice, he explains.

- I am after all a journalist and the editor of the Liberty Voice, where I have made 50 to 60 interview with people. Both in Denmark, USA, Canada and other places. So just yesterday, it was relevant that I also got the opportunity to ask about something. And I can only rejoice that Mette Frederiksen had apparently the same opinion. My questions was also incredibly relevant. Especially because the commissioner of police the lied, says the redecorate from the firm:

Mette Frederiksen's answer was perfectly fine and very clear. But it is not true, what he (rigspolitichef Thorkild Fogde) says ... It here (corona-the situation) is not a danger to the public peace. So it is a lie, what he stood and said. It is quite obvious gag, he said. It had been a better solution to say to the people, that whatever there is of the disease, so the state can not begin to restrict your right to assemble yourselves. She should have said; we can't ban it. But if we could, then we would prohibit that In the picks you more than 10 people. So please now cute to let be do it. If she had said it five days ago, so I think that the reaction had been completely different.

- Many ask how you've got the press pass?

- I have been a member of the COMPANY for years. Freedom to Vote are registered to the press Council. I have interviewed an incredible number of people on it, we are dealing with. I have outlined. Otherwise, one would not be able to get pressekortet. It would be impossible for me to make many of the interview, because you can't get pressevisum to the UNITED states without having a press pass. You must not interview anyone in the UNITED states, unless one is inside on a pressevisum.

- How did the PET-people in the prime minister's office out in the head, as you arrived to the press conference – wondered why they care?

- Now I had the three with itself.

- Oh, yes it did you well...

- Yes. I do not know if there tend to be PET people and take. I could recognize one of them, because he had been one of mine. Him as took against me – which I assumed was a press officer inspected my press card very, very carefully. When he had done it – and saw that I had camera with and a valid press card. Then found he, that I had three police officers with, and that was it.

- we Can expect that as you continue in the particular role as a politician and editor?

I have been all the time. I have been editor of The Voice, before I was a politician.

- You are not alone. The socialists have available online Pio and the Danish people's Party ’Ditoverblik.dk's?

- Yes - and then there's the mainstream press in general, which is Radical Liberal party mouthpiece. You could very well afford to say a little racy, that all journalists may well have one or the other political opinion. To claim that no journalists have political opinions, it is probably also a bit absurd.

- I think you are right. But you are trying so well to put them to the side.

- I did too. Therefore, I asked completely reasonable questions about the relationship to the constitution. If I had been Tight Course representative, I had asked why you left off all the asylum seekers into the country, when the man had closed the borders. But since I was more interested in knowing something of more general interest, so I asked about the constitution instead.

- People have probably also wondered, that you were there – and not so much your questions. It is not a long time ago, I was in party leader debates during the election campaign?

- No. But I tried to make sure I am exactly at the press conference, was there in my role as the representative for the Freedom Vote and the press. I think Mette Frederiksen understood.

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