WORLD cup workers in coronahelvede

on the land. They travelled to Qatar to build the stadiums and make the country clear to the football WORLD cup in 2022. But now hundreds of thousands of migran

WORLD cup workers in coronahelvede

on the land. They travelled to Qatar to build the stadiums and make the country clear to the football WORLD cup in 2022. But now hundreds of thousands of migran

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
22 mart 2020 Sunday 04:00
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WORLD cup workers in coronahelvede

on the land. They travelled to Qatar to build the stadiums and make the country clear to the football WORLD cup in 2022. But now hundreds of thousands of migrant workers trapped in their slums and shanty towns because of coronavirussen.

the country in the Gulf, which has the most infected. At the time of writing is the 470 tested positive, and the vast majority of cases will be found among the country's over two million migrant workers.

stem the infection, the regime closed of to the large deployment of camps, and are now patrolling the police in order to ensure that migrantarbejderne comply with the curfew.

several times under the guise visited migrantarbejdernes shanty towns in the desert a half hour drive from the capital city of Doha. We have seen many examples of 10-12 men crammed into quite a small space without windows and without modern exhaust systems.

also seen the camps, where there was running water, and it is therefore under such circumstances, to migrantarbejderne must try to avoid being infected.

newspaper the Guardian has this week via telephone talked with some of the detainees, who can tell that they are missing anything in order to avoid the spread of infection:

– How should we be able to protect us, when most of the camps do not have running water and disinfectants? How should you be able to keep a social distance in a camp where thousands of men live side by side? We can't possibly follow any of the advice given to avoid infection, says the newspaper.

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How should we be able to follow the advice to avoid coronosmitten, ask migrantarbejderne rhetorical. Photo: Lars Poulsen

is that coronavirussen not have cost the deaths in Qatar. But it can hardly rely on. Qatar rutter namely, not with the truth, when it's about dead migrant workers.

it is however published that 34 stadionarbejdere have died in the last six years. Of which only nine in 2019. But it is a number, one must look in the context of that stadionarbejderne represents only two percent of the two million migrant workers, which since 2011 has worked very hard to make the tiny country ready to host the world's biggest sporting event.

in Qatar, will count only the dead among the workers, that builds the eight stadiums. They are called VM-workers, and those are made in the stats. But the workers who built the metro, which will carry the audience to the stadium, or the thousands who build the WORLD cup-hotels, træningsanlæggene and motorways, and do not count.

that, of course, from the organisers ' side for a good reason. For the number of dead migrant workers is tremendously large. And really bad advertising for the finals.

calculation of figures is from 2015. Here, they managed Extra Leaf to make a list using information from several embassies in Doha. The figure at the time was that the 1400 migrant workers have died since Qatar 2. december 2010 was awarded the WORLD cup.

a staggering number and the reason for that Qatar ago has put a lid on all official information about the dead workers. But flown regularly coffins out from the Hamad airport in Doha for countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal, India and Pakistan.

it succeeded The Guardian to make a statement that told him that 1300 nepalese migrant workers have died in Qatar from 2009 to 2017.

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They often work 10-12 hours a day in the baking heat. Photo: Lars Poulsen

hardly doubt that the nepalese are the hardest hit group. Since the Extra Magazine was in Qatar in 2013, we received of a relief force provided lists of dead nepalese migrant workers. There was talk about systematic work, where the name, date of death, the employer and the cause of death was indicated.

case there was talk about the sinister concept, ’the Sleeping Dead.’

a long working day, often 12 to 14 hours, get the workers home to their barracks, where they wash themselves, eat, and lay down to sleep. The next morning is sidekammeraten death.

the nepalese, to the deaths of many due to the physical work in the excruciating heat and without the necessary breaks and enough food and drink.

the trade unions estimate that there door at least a migrantarbejder in Qatar each and every day. Holding the connector, we will get closer to about 4000 died before the first battle is finished in time at the WORLD cup in november 2022.

the figure could rise dramatically because of coronavirussen, as Qatar did not seem to have under control.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Requires knowledge of the death toll

Amnesty International has repeatedly asked the authorities in Qatar to publish the death toll among migrantarbejderne. But without any luck.

Amnesty's Danish secretary general, Trine Christensen, has previously said to Ekstra Bladet, medierapporterne of deaths among migrantarbejderne is alarming.

– But it is not possible for us to get verified the numbers, and therefore we require that there will be full transparency about the number of dead.

– Although there is a ban to work in the worst heat in the middle of the day, it is clear that it is not sufficient.

– the Conditions are extreme, and we have no doubt that many die. We will also have an independent study of the causes of death, for it is not normal that so many young people die.

Trine Christensen has also called on FIFA and the DBU to put pressure on Qatar to get the figures out into the light, but still no luck.

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the death toll is continued to be kept secret. Photo: Lars Poulsen

For the sheiks is good to love and talk about. The many migrant workers living under slave-like conditions, which also are called Kafalasystemet.

in Short should migrantarbejderne hand over their passports to the employer upon arrival to Qatar. In order to be able to travel out of the country again, workers have their passports back and an exit visa signed by their employer.

The international trade unions have for years worked to get removed Kafalasystemet, and in October last year, many believed, there was light ahead. It was here that the united nations organization, the ILO, an agreement on a series of reforms with the regime in Qatar.

today, five months after, still nothing happened. It is not other than the usual liram-larum from the sheiks, but it is enough for FIFA and other organisations to comfort themselves with, that there probably is something on the way.

But it is soon 10 years ago, Qatar was awarded the WORLD cup in 2022, and very little has happened since. However, no one should believe that it comes to mean that Qatar loses the WORLD cup. There are too many greasy in it, that will be remembered as one of the biggest scandals in football history.

the Covetous and corrupt people in FIFA’s executive committee gave the WORLD cup to a slavenation, which sacrificed thousands of migrantarbejderes life on the football altar.

It never gets any sex history.

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