Usolidarisk to swipe with strangers in a coronatid

I'm mildly amazed at how men, singles as well as married, contact me and think we should have sex. the 50-year-old Pia, who, as the single has been on everyt

Usolidarisk to swipe with strangers in a coronatid

I'm mildly amazed at how men, singles as well as married, contact me and think we should have sex. the 50-year-old Pia, who, as the single has been on everyt

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
20 mart 2020 Friday 18:00
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Usolidarisk to swipe with strangers in a coronatid

I'm mildly amazed at how men, singles as well as married, contact me and think we should have sex.

the 50-year-old Pia, who, as the single has been on everything from victoriamilan and scor to peaks and sugardating, have experienced it several times in the last week.

the Men writing to her in the hope of exchange of erotic juices - and even despite the fact that she's on her profile had just explained that she keeps coronapause.

- It is wild enough. Some of the men loses for the time a lot of money because of coronaen. The infection must be reduced, also for their business sake. And yet, think with the dick here.

We're going to come damn not again, if this is how they think and act. They can also infect their wives and children and so on. It is the game that the men are thinking so short-sighted, for otherwise many of them quite sharp and successful.

Pia seems otherwise, that sugardating is more honest than, for example, of the Mountains, where the men promise gold and green forests to get in the panties on her.

- With sugardating is the framework clear in advance, we arrange it all, including sexual limits and desires. And then it's just a little naughty and kinky play lover and mistress. At a expensive hotel with fine dining and interesting company, Yes, I like to be feted... says Pia, who hope that the time will come cheap testing for corona, so al sex for singles, and the like are not being closed.

Pia, who is a receptionist in Copenhagen, is also a member of various kinky, private sexloger and swingers clubs, where clearly stated that all activity is put on pause.

- It they could here men well learn a little.

Kiss & love - 15. nov. 2018 - at. 20:03 What YOU can do to have more intimacy in the relationship

Seksualitetsdebattør and author, cuddlinginstitutstifter and intimitetsfetichist Lucy Vittrup is also a little surprised when we submit her Pia's history. Many handle anxiety and loneliness by searching for sex - it is very normal, " explains the author.

- The next weeks, perhaps months, it may one bang with a, you are NOT living in advance, start a smittekæde, which ends up in anyone else's death.

- Therefore we come in the upcoming time to address all the needs - the needs for physical touch, to kiss, to hug, to sleep in the spoon, to sit together and laugh with friends - and for sex with the goggles on. It means that we now must think of other ways to get the needs covered - for example, through the use of technology.

Photo: Stine Tidsvilde

- it Is quite expected and natural that the men take the chance, when you have a need for physical contact?

- I think that right now we can't work with the ‘very natural'. We are all in the same boat. Singles, couples, young, old, thick, thin, heteroer, LGTBQ - it's about something larger. And therefore, we must all stand together - it is usolidarisk to hoard, and it is usolidarisk to swipe with people you don't know.

- I do not want to stigmatise anyone. And it is important, therefore, that this is not about that long after the sexual or do horniness wrong. We are just in a situation where we all have to troop up and severally liable, said Vittrup.

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- What can we do when we lack the physical intimacy

- The living together with others, may very well touch each other. For example, they can practice in the non-sexual physical touch like to pet each other more, devote time to the foot massage, head massage, lie down together and read something inspiring. Regardless of whether you live with one you have sex with or not, so it is a good exercise to screw up for non-sexual touch in the home.

- If you live alone, we must look at research in relation to what booster tilknytningshormonet oxytocin. It does slow touching of oneself - here, you can again practice non-sexual touch. Most often, it is soloberøring too short and orgasm-focused.

- You can dance to loud music. One can make sure to do things that give the feeling of community as to be with in meetings of working groups on FB. It does not provide the physical intimacy from the other, but it can provide emotional intimacy, and it is better than nothing.

- And then you can screw up conversations with people you normally write with or just talk on the phone with, says Lucy Vittrup, who this time provides many intimitetsråd on its facebookprofil and on its website

Sex & cohabitation - 23. jan. 2020 - pm. 23:27 There are also feelings in the sextech

the, where men and women in 22 years has sought the sex of the non-committal kind of, experiencing more traffic than usual. It informs the webmaster Thomas.

- There are several users in the daytime than normal, and there is time in both chat and private messages.

- Specifically, our blogsektion there's a lot going in. People are debating the corona, what you can do when you are at home and everything else. There is even someone who organizes a onlinefest on Friday with drinks and naughty outfits.

- There are still people who are looking for IRL meetings, but we have asked people to wait with this until further notice. We have the same reason cancelled all brugerevents the end of the month, tells Thomas from

so completely to themselves. A male user writes on Thursday afternoon in the Quickscor, where you come directly on the front page to all the users of sc.en: ‘Fuck corona looking for naughty woman or couple for play tonight.’

And en Ekstra Bladet created a kvindeprofil, who sought a flirt, we got in within a half-hour eight-mails from men, married as well as singles.

They may of course just be interested to chat...

on Friday morning inform the, that they delete all Quickscor messages, which calls for the here and now sex.

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