Ulf lose work: Have 900 dollars left on the account

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Ulf lose work: Have 900 dollars left on the account

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Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
19 mart 2020 Thursday 10:00
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Ulf lose work: Have 900 dollars left on the account

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As the grænsebommene went down around the in Europe, was there at the same time closed for Ulf Dahlins revenue.

The 63-year-old tour guide on the bus routes from Denmark to countries such as Germany, Croatia and Austria fear now is to go from house and home, after his employer as a consequence of the closure has begun to cancel the travel in the high season, which runs from april to October.

- I'm not very good.

- It goes without saying, because you have closed my workplace, he says.

Coronakrisen framework is far from only Ulf Dahlin. According to the ministry of Employment has about 11,000 danes reported themselves available on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Aflysningerne, for Ulf Dahlins he has so far counted 11 out of the total of 144 planned travel days this summer, can have disastrous consequences for the Ulf Dahlins personal finances.

if he loses his job, can he not get unemployment benefit, because he, as a seasonal worker hit completely accidental of a disputed provision in the dagpengelovens §53, which deprives him of the right to unemployment benefits, even though he basically has worked enough hours and earned more than the required 238.512 dollars over a three year period.

3F for dagpengeloven: Not fair

According to Eva Obdrup, who is the manager in 3FA, 3F's a-box, the applicable law is not reasonable.

- This means that the grading is calculated on the basis of earnings during the last 36 months. But there can maximum be counted 19.876 kr. per month. The rest of income in a given month count thus not with. So if the income is not evenly distributed across the months, you risk to be left without dagpengeret. Alone the pga. ”the technique” in opgørelsesmetoden.

- IN 3F, we believe that this is reasonable, and we have therefore already before this health crisis brought the issue up in a-insurance fund's common trade association Danish A-boxes and the authorities in the STAR, because this unfairness should be included in the forthcoming evaluation of the dagpengereglerne.

the Rejection is evidenced by a letter from a-box to Ulf Dahlin, which Ekstra Bladet has seen.

the Rejection is due to only the first 19.876 crowns of Ulf Dahlins monthly salary according to the determination count when the unemployment fund will assess whether you have earned enough to receive unemployment benefits.

When Ulf Dahlin earns its money in the summer, it does so it takes much longer for him to get right to the allowance.

- currently I have $ 900 left in the account, and when they run out, I do not know what I'm doing, " says Ulf Dahlin.

Ulf Dahlin says that he also can not get cash assistance unless his wife belåner or sells his house, because there is equity in the home.

Therefore, he has frustration written to the minister of employment get rid of the ’insanity’ rule in dagpengeloven, which deprives him and other seasonal workers - the right to receive unemployment benefits.

- I do not mind, to close the missions. I understand it perfectly fine. It is a kassesystemet, I can't understand, " says Ulf Dahlin.

Wammen: We listen to the advice

Finance minister Nicolai Wammen said on Wednesday as a response to the Extra's question at a news conference that there will be more initiatives to ensure the economy, fired the danes.

- In even says that there will be layoffs, though In now comes with a number of actions. The government has nothing on the way in relation to families, who can't get it to hang together on unemployment benefits or social assistance? What should help the family economy?

- We are deeply concerned with keeping your hand under the family economy, and there are, fortunately, the Danish model with unemployment compensation and other, which can enter into force, if people lose their jobs. The we use a great many forces at work right now, it is to avoid that a great many will be sent into unemployment.

- I do not have any immediate assessment of how many who lose jobs in the coming time. But In saying even that it is an extraordinary situation that we are in, and you refer to something, the unemployment benefit system, which is not extraordinary. Have you thought you to do something extraordinary for those who lose their jobs?

- It is not currently possible to say how many companies, not muddle through, or how many there are, unfortunately, going to get a fyreseddel. But I can say it is that if we took all the steps that we do with the tools, so the risk will be that the figure was very high.

- We will do everything we can to keep it down, and we also listen to the advice in relation to the other things that we can do. This is not the last initiative that the government is going to take in relation to stick your hand under employees and our businesses. We follow it very closely, and we will also in the coming days and weeks to see new initiatives, says Nicolai Wammen.

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