Thus, young women naughty messages

Sexting is more about intimacy than about the porn. It tells the sociologist and ph.d-fellow Sidsel Harder. Along with colleagues Julie Bentzen, Jakob Deman

Thus, young women naughty messages

Sexting is more about intimacy than about the porn. It tells the sociologist and ph.d-fellow Sidsel Harder. Along with colleagues Julie Bentzen, Jakob Deman

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Thus, young women naughty messages

Sexting is more about intimacy than about the porn.

It tells the sociologist and ph.d-fellow Sidsel Harder.

Along with colleagues Julie Bentzen, Jakob Demant and Claire Maxwell from the Department of Sociology at the University of Copenhagen has Harder just published a study, which in English could be called 'Tailor-made pornography: Content, context and consent in the young women's sharing of sexual images'.

Here the interviewer the 17 Danish women between the ages of 18-22 about their experiences with porn and sexting.

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Sidsel Harders approach to sexting based on studies of pornography, and it is a combination that rarely appear in research - perhaps because porn is often a taboo or udskældt both in society and in the university.

- Things we knocked off, being called pornoagtigt, for example følelsesporno. But porn can also be a space for sexual fantasies. Pornoen can be something other than what we can even in the bedroom. In Porn-topia, we can experiment, investigate other kinds of bodies, wondering why we are turned on or not.

Sexting has a bit of the same potential, but the debate on sexting has been characterised by a heavily risk-focused, think Harder, and suggests that it is often the problems, which is in the centre, when young people's digital sexuality comes on the agenda.

Sidsel Harder has, since she in 2006 read a yearin California, has been interested in pornography's societal impact. Private

Sidsel Harder talking quickly, committed and ebullient about her research and about its prospects:

- That is, both in academia and in the media, a widespread notion that porn affects us completely unfiltered. So for example to young people watching porn, and when they saw the texter, restores the what they saw. But this is not the case, shows the study, among other things.

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In Harders study, the participants are both women, which takes distance from porn, and some who use pornography actively. They have all taken and sent naughty pictures to selected partners, and regardless of their porn preferences women are highly aware of their own naughty photos to appear completely different than what they have seen in porn.

the Contents of the own images are far less explicit and much softer. The women describes the images as more realistic and genuine in contrast to pornoens plastic bodies, and edited the lighting.

- at the same time, is the context important for the young women. The receiver is, for example, a girlfriend, and the sexual game is mutually: He gets the words, and she gets compliments. Thus, the act of sexting as a digital mirror, which can give confidence to a re-fill.

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- So far rather ‘where are you lovely’ than ‘fuck, how do you make my dick stiff’ or a dickpick?

- Yes, absolutely. Sexting trades for women to create a digital intimacy. They will be able to notice that their body and their pictures are appreciated.

- It is also a matter of being vulnerable to the other, to trust that he can figure out how to fit on the images and use them correctly – it will say alone! On the way produces women sexual images that contain it, as they think porn is missing - such authenticity, imagination and reciprocity.

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Women are also very conscious about the whole consent issue, and who they are sending what to. Here is their sense of control is important.

- One of the women we spoke with, explained sexting as images with both the 'skin and consequences'. The whole discussion of involuntary sharing is not gone over the heads of young women, and they are not naive. They fear that the pictures will be seen by others, and that they will be udskammet for them. Therefore, provides many of the that there is face on (the naughtiest of) them.

- the Problem is that we from other research that when images are shared without consent, be shared ansigtsfotos and kropsfotos often together, such that the identity of the victim is revealed. There is no way to hedge against the digital sexkrænkelser, and it is never the victim's thoughtlessness, or else, there is guilt in the crime. But unfortunately, victims may still experience to be udskammet and get to know that they are out of it, if their pictures are shared.

Porn as a genre
Harder has, since she in 2006 studied one year at the prestigious Berkeley University in California, has been interested in pornography's societal impact.

- I was on a course where we watched two hours of porn every week, from old cine film to the classic 'Deep Throat'. On the subject was the angle that porn is a filmgenre with fixed rules like other movie genres.

the porn film is, for example, built like musicals - with the sexual 'numbers' instead of the musical - and a thin story in between to tie them together. And sexual numbers have a structure that always contains a climax, the so-called moneyshot. The recipe must not give a realistic picture of sex, but must instead sell a fantasy, as must excite the user.

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the Harder points out that recent research shows that we, as recipients distinguishes sharply between fantasy and own sexual reality.

- Particularly women influenced by feminist pornokritik and say if they experience pornoen as cross-border. This means, among other things, that women fremsøger porn, where the used condom, and how they think, to be able to read the enjoyment of skuespillerinderne - and that they, for example, fixed forwarder through the clip in order to be sure that there is not going to happen in the film, which will exceed their limits.

however, the Problem is that the anti-pornografibevægelsen underestimate women's ability to sort and screen pornoen, and in addition do pornoen a scapegoat for violations of women.

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- 50 years after Denmark as pioneer released the billedpornografien, there are still many who believe that porn itself can be seen as a crime, and that it can affect men to abuse women, bl.a. with digital violations. But the argument of acquittal, in the worst case the perpetrators: They were perhaps so brainwashed by porn that they just shared the pictures unconscious?

- we can not be aware of as a society, and the research must support the fact that perpetrators are held to account for their illegal shares. We do, among other things, when we research specific on what photo sharing sites is a crime, and how it can be investigated, punished and prevented, says Sidsel Harder.

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