Surprising announcement: a Recurrence after ten years

Poptrioen Sukkerchok consisting of Kat Stephie Holst, Malene Qvist and Inez Gavilanes became a household name at home, as they are hit with the song 'anywhere

Surprising announcement: a Recurrence after ten years

Poptrioen Sukkerchok consisting of Kat Stephie Holst, Malene Qvist and Inez Gavilanes became a household name at home, as they are hit with the song 'anywhere

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Surprising announcement: a Recurrence after ten years

Poptrioen Sukkerchok consisting of Kat Stephie Holst, Malene Qvist and Inez Gavilanes became a household name at home, as they are hit with the song 'anywhere - anytime', which was also the theme song for the fifth season of realityprogrammet 'Paradise Hotel'.

Subsequently, the group has participated in the Danish Melodi Grand Prix twice. First in 2009 with the song 'it,' It', which got a shared third place, and in 2010 with the song 'Fighting for love'.

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But in the midst of success selected the trio to pull the plug. First left Inez Gavilanes the trio and was replaced by Simone Cameron in 2010. In september 2011, the group saw that they had a break for an indefinite time.

The three women are looking forward to once again making music together. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Since one has not heard much from the women behind the hit trio. But now Ekstra Bladet can reveal that the original trio of Kat Stephie Holst, Malene Qvist and Inez Gavilanes will be reunited, and that soon comes new music from the group.

- There are many reasons why we have chosen to be reunited. We tell ourselves that there is someone who have missed us in the ten years we have been away, but we believe that Denmark is ready for something different than what we had the opportunity last, says Inez Gavilanes Extra Magazine and continues:

- Finally we got very quickly the image of glitter and the band and not more than that. We were asked to 'Paradise Hotel' and the like, when we were doing interviews. It was very narrow. We were just a pop band. Time has changed, and now we can be more than that. We would like to show that we are different, and that one can still pursue a dream, even if you are ten years older. We have a belief that one can succeed, even if you do it in a feminine way.

On Instagram tells Sukkerchok also about their comeback:

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today, on women's day, and after a 10 year break, re-emerging Sukkerchok in its original form. It means that we, Kat Stephie, Malene Qvist and Inez Gavilanes, in turn, are collected. We're very exited to invite you into our universe here on instagram and to meeting you out in the Danish land. Our mission is to create and strengthen a network of women across the country who support each other. A network where we support each other in living the life we each dream of. We will cultivate diversity, community and the belief that all can succeed when we work together. We start today with, to welcome you here, where we will honestly show how we are working towards a common goal. How we are trying to use our differences as strengths, rather than to let them stand in the way of us. We hope that the insight can inspire, that more dare to go after their dreams, no matter how big they are, and continue to pursue them, even if there are bumps on the road. Today pops we the champagne and fire konfettikanonen of. We hope you will be with us and we look forward to, to go with you. Loving greeting SUKKERCHOK

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According to Malene Qvist, it has been of great importance, that the all three this time even have had the desire to go ahead with the project.

- When we started Sukkerchok, we were the total of the other. We were put together by him, we called Sukkerfar. This time, there is no one who has put us together. It is our own initiative. It is something we ourselves would like to be, says Malene Qvist and stresses that there has been a great deal with the group's three members since:

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Inez and I are both mothers, as there is with being a mother also put the thoughts in time. I would like to show that you can anything, when one becomes a mother. You can have dreams and career subsequently. Life goes not in the stand, she says, while Kat Stephie Holst adds:

- Our differences were a challenge for us lately. We have moved us much since then, and we've got much more life experience, and we have found out how important it is to stand together as women. We saw even the competition between us and the conversation about who gets the most and the like, since we were a group of last. It was hard to be in it. There is another ro in the now, because we have become older, " she says, and adds:

- It is never too late to do anything about his dreams, and now it should be.

the Women behind Sukkerchok are already working hard in the studio to make new music. Photo: Mogens Flindt

According to the women behind Sukkerchok will the new Sukkerchok still have the same popping sound, but several things will still be different, when they are reunited.

- You may well be more than one thing, and that we would like to show. We are a pop group, and we take the fine clothes on, but it does not mean that there is brain behind, because we look good and bimbos ourselves up, says Inez.

Inez chose to leave the group in 2010, but now she is ready on much more Sukkerchok. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Sukkerchok have chosen to come with the news of their reunion on international Women's day, and it is there a special reason to.

- We put out the news on women's day, because it is here for us not only is a personal project. We would like to show other women that we can stand strong and even stronger when we are together, and that we should support each other as women and not work against each other, " says Kat Stephie Holst.

the Girls are looking forward to again take the Danish music. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Here is Sukkerchok of years back. Photo: Picture

the Women behind Sukkerchok already has big plans for the future. In these days work hard in the studio with their new music and they hope that soon they can once again stand on the country's major scenes.

- We are not quite ready with a plan of what needs to be done. But we would like to invite people in on the process, also when we are less styled. So you can see how it is behind the facade, and that we're going to do much on our Instagram, says Malene Qvist and adds:

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- Our new single is not quite in place yet. We are recording different bids. Purely in terms of sound, we sing pop music. We were not inside of the text and the music lately, in addition to we sometimes be able to choose the song. This time we have even taken hold of the people, we want to work with. We are to shape it according to what we want to stand with in the end, she says, while Kat Stephie Holst adds:

- What we did differently this time is that we started up as a business to start up. We looked at what our values are. And which brand we create out of the values, which provide space for our three different values? The values we went to the writers with, " she says, and adds:

- We have been much more from the beginning than in his time, and it has been really cool. Here there were conflicts, and therefore, we are now giving space to others make music for us, and therefore we focus instead on to be 'united' on the stage.

Kat Stephie Holst is looking forward to once again come out with music as a part of Sukkerchok. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Malene Qvist is delighted to be able to show who Sukkerchok in reality. Photo: Mogens Flindt

you Are fan of hits such as 'anywhere - anytime', it is, however, according to Sukkerchok look forward to what comes from the group's hands.

- One is going to be able to hear, it's Sukkerchok. We have chosen our old producer, because he knows us, and we get the same popping sound, says Malene Qvist:

And so, we are also pleased to show that we actually can sing. For the people having before given us the backlog for.

- We are also pleased to be on the scenes again and to come up with something new, but also to play the old favourites. And so, it is about to enjoy it. Finally we had to only focus on work, but this time we need to enjoy it and share the special moments, says Kat Stephie Holst.

Photo: Mogens Flindt

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