Residents died at the stripe: the Police oversaw three murders in the same property

Three retirees in the apartment block Vangehusvej 1 on Østerbro in Copenhagen was killed, before the police suspected a serial killer was at the game. the Mur

Residents died at the stripe: the Police oversaw three murders in the same property

Three retirees in the apartment block Vangehusvej 1 on Østerbro in Copenhagen was killed, before the police suspected a serial killer was at the game. the Mur

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Residents died at the stripe: the Police oversaw three murders in the same property

Three retirees in the apartment block Vangehusvej 1 on Østerbro in Copenhagen was killed, before the police suspected a serial killer was at the game.

the Murders would probably never have been discovered if it had not been for a suspicious and insistent daughter to the 81-year-old Inez Hasselblad, who was found dead 8. march of last year.

his Daughter, Malene Hasselblad, discovered several suspicious circumstances in his mother's apartment and went to the police, which had otherwise assessed Inez Hasselblads death as a natural death in the property - the third in just a month.

the Investigation showed that the three retirees had been murdered, and that drabsmandens motive was money.

He stole and abused pensioners ' debit and credit cards. Yield in two of the three kills were on total 123.116 kr., while the killer by the third killing, searched in vain for the victim's debit card.

Alone, Inez Hasselblads dankort, visa and mastercard were abused 86 times for purchases and cash withdrawals on a total of 94.010 kr.

the Copenhagen city Court takes on Tuesday the hole in the trial against the alleged rovmorder, the 27-year-old James Schmidt, who was previously known as the Lual Lual, and who are already convicted in the four cases where he has used a stranglehold on its victims.

Three pensioners were killed in the property Vangehusvej 1 on Østerbro in Copenhagen. Two of them were neighbors in the ground floor. Photo: Mogens Flindt

Prosecutor Søren Harbo goes after to get James Schmidt sentenced to life imprisonment with a secondary claim on custody, which is also on an indefinite period of time.

The 27-year-old refuses guilty in the three killings, while it is expected that he will confess to having abused the victims ' credit cards.

James Schmidt's own mother lived in the property, and therefore he had a key to the opgangene in Vangehusvej 1.

There was not burglary in the three some apartments, but it is the police theory, that he either has got the fingers in the residents ' keys or have bluffed themselves into the minds of pensioners.

the Series of murders began 5. February last year approximately at 14, where the 82-year-old Eva Hoffmeister was killed in his apartment Vangehusvej 1 F the living room tv., and the offender stole her debit card.

the Body was to be cremated before the police after the third killing of Inez Hasselblad was the suspicion of a crime.

Police believe that Eva Hoffmeister was also choked, but it can not be proven, because there has been an autopsy. Therefore, it is in the indictment against James Schmidt, Eva Hoffmeister 'probably' was killed by suffocation.

Eva hoffmeister's dankort was after the killing abused for 47 the purchase or withdrawals of 29.106 kr. According to the indictment against James Schmidt, he tried also to link the stolen debit to its own mobilepaykonto to raise $ 20,000., but the transaction was rejected.

2. march 2019 was the 80-year-old Peter Olsen killed by asphyxiation about noon. 09.20. He was a neighbor to the first victim, Eva Hoffmeister, and was found dead in his apartment Vangehusvej 1 F living room th.

According to the indictment led James Schmidt after the killed debit card, but he could not find it. Peter Olsen's death was also first seen as natural by the police, but he could not be cremated before the gravity went up to the police.

Inez Hasselblad, 81, was, according to the indictment killed between the 7. march approximately at. 18.30 and 8. march at. 12, where she was found dead in the apartment Vangehusvej 1 B 1. th. The autopsy showed she was killed by asphyxiation.

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Malene grasped immediately suspected Malene Hasselblad with his 81-year-old mother Inez Hasselblad. The daughter got a suspicion that his mother's death was not natural, and discovered, among other things, her visa credit cards and mastercard were abused after her death. Private brought with the permission of Malene Hasselblad

Malene Hasselblad, who got put police on the trail of the three rovmord, is even called as a witness during the nævningesagen against James Schmidt.

She must explain what aroused her suspicion, after an employee at the property had found her mother dead, sitting in his chair.

Already as Malene Hasselblad locked himself into his deceased mother's apartment she had a suspicion that there was something very wrong. Later she discovered, too, that his mother dankort had been abused.

Therefore ended up Inez Hasselblads death by her two neighbours, with the piston ’natural deaths’ of the police.

– When I locked up to the apartment, there was a particular thing that occurred to me in the eyes, as I wondered. I can't say which thing now. But I was saying to my girlfriend that there is something wrong. It does not. And, later, were the list longer and longer. And then there was finally this with dankortet,, Malene Hasselblad earlier told Ekstra Bladet.

– I would be sure I had as much as possible before I went to the police, so they could not dismiss me, she said.

Malene Hasselblad does not want to comment further before she must testify during the trial, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

the Police have called 59 witnesses in the case against James Schmidt.

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Why can the killing go ’under the radar’ Earlier statsabducent Hans Petter Hougen believes that the case of the three killings is an example of that killing can go 'under the radar' and are written off as natural. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan

Only an autopsy can determine whether a death is suspicious or not. But there will be made a few autopsies in Denmark. Therefore, there is a risk that the killing goes ’under the radar’, when the police estimates the deaths as natural.

It takes the coroner Hans Petter Hougen, who is retired statsobducent. He doesn't know the concrete case of the three older-the killing of Copenhagen, and speaking out in general.

– If there does not arise any sort of suspicion, when a person is found dead, so the death can slip through as a natural death, where there is carried out an autopsy, " says Hans Petter Hougen.

– This case is an example of that is the killing, which goes under the radar, and it is quite telling of the importance of autopsies, says the coroner.

According to the police the three pensioners killed by suffocation, which often leaves visible traces on the body, for example punktformede bleeding of the eyes and skin.

It should be detected on the findestedet or later during the inquest, so the body can be opened.

But when older people, who may suffer heart failure, die naturally, there may also occur at the individual punktformede bleeding. It will not always be considered as suspicious.

Hans Petter Hougen will also not exclude, that sometimes go 'box thinking' in the decision on a corpse to autopsy or not.

Police pay annually a fixed amount to the operation of the forensic institutions, but also to the individual police districts to pay a greater amount for each autopsy.

It can be up to be in the region of 60,000 crowns. or more, if to be made special studies as retskemi.

- the Police have not an unlimited economy. In the ideal world, all the dead opened, but it would require a huge response, which we taxpayers would pay for, says Hans Petter Hougen.

112 - 8. jan. 2020 - pm. 15:54, Accused of three killings on the elderly: Served previous sentences of full-time

The defendants James Schmidt is four times previously convicted in the cases where he has used kvælergreb on the victims by putting his arm around the neck on them from behind and squeezing to.

- If one puts his arm around the victim's neck, then the upper arm clamps on the one side of the neck and the forearm, on the other hand, it corresponds roughly to kværkning (where you squeeze the neck of the victim with both hands, red.), says Hans Petter Hougen.

- If it is only the forearm that clamps, there is a strong influence of the neck, where we often see the crushing of the larynx and bleeding in the muscles of the neck. Seen fractures of the larynx and rupture of skjoldbruskhornet and sometimes breakage of the hyoid bone, says the coroner.

First, during the trial, will the prosecutor Søren Harbo lift the veil of what type of choking victims have been exposed to. The last two victims are opened, while the first victim was to be cremated, before the police had a suspicion.

Copenhagen police have not after the three killings amended guidelines, or procedures, when the police come out to dødfundne.

But the case here has meant that we have again reviewed the procedures, and thereby sharpened the attention of our preparedness and indsatsledere, as are those who are out of the above cases, says Søren Juul Rasmussen from kommunikationssektionen.

the 112 - 6. may. 2019 - at. 14:07 Charged with three killings relax for the custody of the Supreme court

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