Real love: As soon as we say I love you

Hello-hello. Hi all of you. Should we swipe? Yes. --- A few hours and orgasms later. I love you. Hm... Or are you more turtle-like in your appro

Real love: As soon as we say I love you

Hello-hello. Hi all of you. Should we swipe? Yes. --- A few hours and orgasms later. I love you. Hm... Or are you more turtle-like in your appro

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Real love: As soon as we say I love you


Hi all of you.

Should we swipe?



A few hours and orgasms later.

I love you.


Or are you more turtle-like in your approach to love and, when you first say/whisper/udbasunerer the three redeeming words: I love you.

Even though I, the undersigned, in the seizures of erotic exhilaration've been wanting to say those three words during the first bang, I have a case waiting a year before I could get the words over my lips.

Maybe there is a more golden middelleje for when it is most prevalent and appropriate to put words to his love.

In each case, analysebureauet YouGov asked more than 3000 representatively selected britons of how quickly they have been out with the love declaration.

The most curious is perhaps that the answer, as most have pointed out is: I don't know.

the Second-most votes is: Within three months. And then there is the 14 percent who have been waiting up to half a year. And a few percent have been waiting for both one and two years.

Three percent have said ’I love you’ to a person within a week, while ten percent have never said it or never have been in love.

There are not significant gender differences in the british vote. It is, however, another earlier american scientific study that looks at who has the tendency to say it first:

In the study in the ’ Journal Of Personality and Social Psychology’, has marketingsforsker Joshua Ackerman from the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) looked at what evolutionsøkonomiske mechanisms underlying our use of kærlighedserklæringer.

According to Ackerman, it is fundamental that men and women unconsciously make some cost-benefit analysis of the given conditions, short-term or long-term.

'What is the price, and what do I get out of it?'

- To say 'I love you' is part of a process of negotiation. Basically are you coming in with an offer. And from a evolutionsøkonomisk perspective is the decision to give the offer different for men than for women. On the romantic marketplace, women will try to minimize the risk of selling too cheaply, while the men will minimize the risk of failing to bid high enough, explains Ackerman on

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The biggest risk for men is to lose the relationship by not committing (and thereby miss the sex and the opportunity to spread his genes). For women is the biggest risk, that she impulsively trust rates on a sexual relationship, without that the man has invested.

As always in evolutionary perspective, the woman is the choosy sex, that should sort the rogue suitors, so she does not stand alone with the responsibility for the offspring.

It appears from the study that men more often are the first to say ’I love you,’ because it can give sex. Although they may not believe it. Women say it as a confirmation of the relationship.

Ackerman is aware that there also are other factors at play in sex and love, but not the inner, he thinks he and medforskerne, that man far along the road follows the evolutionary economic principles of a cost-benefit analysis.

We have previously asked our readers about who first said ’I love you’ in the most recent or current relationship. And also here it appeared that it is the men who are soon out with the message:

How do you know whether the In is lovers

Sexperten Tomas Roar has in the past given these bids, when you can actually call themselves lovers:

It was a little easier when you were a child/very young. You sent a love letter with the wording: 'Shall we be lovers - please tick yes or no.'

Now is it all more fluid. The process can take a few weeks, but also stretch out for months: When you go from casual sex to 'boyfriends'?

you have just met each other, so you do your utmost to show yourself from your best side: You have cleared up when she meets up, you still have a few nifty dishes in the backhand, which he does not have tasted - and the same goes for your sextricks.

But because Of yet find yourself in uncharted waters, there are moments of tense interaction, where you try to list a fart out and listen to her stories at the same time, while you hope that it does not reveal how rotten you are inside (multi tasking is, as you know, difficult).

This is the very lakmustesten: Are so comfortable with each other(s) to sit in the couch with Haribo mix and coffee and fart without shame you much, so is In lovers. The first who farts, the first one that says: 'I love you.'

Heaven = lovers.

Until now has moved in a bubble of sex and smoothly relationship. Your friends have met her on a joint tour. And vice-versa.

Suddenly is invited home to her best friend and his girlfriend. So was I to an 'In'. Which goes to parmiddage.

Parmiddage = lovers.

In the beginning the agreements In your meetings and day-to-day, perhaps from week to week. So be planned throughout the weekends, and being questioned about possible appointments a month in advance. Vacations combined between. In which day, where In the share google calendar, forthcoming.

Kalenderkoordinering = lovers.

He: - we Shall be seen on Saturday? She: - No, my sister keeps birthday. He: - Ok. She: - You can take with you - it is absolutely quiet and calm. He: - Ok.

And, hey presto, you sit surrounded by all of her king of the lombards, in their best outfits, and listen to traurige talking and trying to look entertained out.

Svigerfamiliebesøg = lovers.

It starts with the fact that there suddenly is a new toothbrush in the bathroom. Completely innocently. It escalates with the fact that she ensures that there are clean panties in the house. Reasonable and really nice. And one day, she has taken over a whole drawer in your dresser.

Tray = lovers.

Scene 1: He: You are delicious!!! She: You're cute!

Scene 2: He: You are beautiful! She: You are lovely!

Scene 3: He: I love you. She: I love you.

She keeps up with to shave legs. He says ' no ' to sextilbud - without having to fret (much). He knows her undertøjsrotation. She takes washed-out Sloggi - and he is (almost) not care. He burps - and she is (almost) not care. They keep in hand in the main street. And they are proud of doing so.

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