Pia has been afraid every day for 10 years

Hello. - In Denmark we have a hundelov, who is said to foster a sense of security for the population, but it does not create security for the citizens with th

Pia has been afraid every day for 10 years

Hello. - In Denmark we have a hundelov, who is said to foster a sense of security for the population, but it does not create security for the citizens with th

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
03 mart 2020 Tuesday 19:00
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Pia has been afraid every day for 10 years


- In Denmark we have a hundelov, who is said to foster a sense of security for the population, but it does not create security for the citizens with the dog. It certainly does not reassurance for me!

- I have had dogs since 1981. I love dogs - big and small. Some races appeals to me more than others, and I fit better with some races than with others. But the same for all is that dogs are incredible creatures with really good interpersonal skills.

- Since 2010 I have been scared. Afraid every day if I have to be honest. Afraid that there would arise a situation that I will end up in a situation such as the dog king Valdemar and his owner Pia ended up in.

so begins Pia W a letter about the way we treat dogs in Denmark - and the thoughts that went through her head when she read about the dog Valdemar, who was killed a week ago. Her letter - which is not the only nation! received of Valdemar - continues thus:

- Pia has been fighting for 3 years to save valdemar's life after he accidentally came up that peaks with a second male. He - Adam - was sentenced to death, and yesterday, he was slain.

- What is it for a country I live in, where a dog that reacts like a dog, being killed for being aggressive, when he's in 3 years at the boarding has not shown the slightest sign of aggression???

- Is it really the best solution? Had it not been better to give Pia and the king of the tools to tackle any conflicts - as an appropriate punishment?

- Hundeloven is in no way the best solution or security - for anyone.

- A law should be created on a foundation of knowledge, facts and justice, so that it is sensible and decent. A law to create freedom and security for ALL citizens - but it does hundeloven just not; on the contrary!

- It gives some people a false sense of security. The number of dog bite is not decreased in the last 10 years. It is rather remarkable, when it surely was one of the intentions with the law?!

- Dogs are built to cooperate with the man, and it has the be in the many thousands of years. It makes them incredibly skilled to help people in their everyday life such as police dogs, military dogs, as terapihunde for mentally challenged people, which guide dogs for the blind, rescue dogs or as pets.

- Unfortunately, there are unscrupulous people who exploit the dogs ' interpersonal skills for ill purposes such as dog fighting. It is, I totally agree must be stopped; but it should not be at the expense of the rest of the citizens.

- We have reached 2020, and there is a lot of knowledge from both dyrlægeforeninger and other associations with ideas on how to hundelov can be put together, then you get punished there, where there should be punished.

- It is quite unreasonable with a hundelov, which punishes innocent dogs due. their appearance with a raceforbud, which require that an owner can prove down to 1% of the dog's origin. How could it?

- And why is it needed? A dog's breed has no bearing on its temperament or behavior. Yes, some breeds are more demanding than others, but it makes them not an aggressive race - only demanding.

- Many of the dog breeds that are on the ban list are herding dogs!

- the herding dogs are created to shepherd and care for his flock. It would hardly be smart to have øaggressive' and 'dangerous' dogs to feed fx sheep or cows, if you would like to preserve his flock.

Dogs are not born aggressive, but they can be made aggressive if they do not receive a proper upbringing and healthy environment. It must they did not die for. They should have help and perhaps a new home, but they must not die. For they are without fault.

- It is always the owner and never the dog, who has the responsibility. This is why it is the owner who should be punished and not the dog.

- In our society we place incredibly high demands on our dogs. We require that they know and can a lot of. It is also fair enough to make demands, but the requirements should take into account that animals do not think and react as humans, for they are not humans; they are animals without rational thought. Therefore, they will respond per. instinct.

- When you have a dog, it is, in my opinion, one's responsibility to teach his dog to behave in society, but you can never account for everything. It is simply impossible. Accidents can happen. Accidentally you do not have an earthly chance to make a reservation for. Is it so fair that it should cost one's dog life?

- Reviews can be made anonymously. I have even tried it for 5-6 years ago.

We were out walking and meets a couple with another dog. I always keep distance, because I don't dare let my dogs greet other dogs with our hundelov - and they are in no way aggressive toward others. The couple's dog reacted by jumping and dancing in the string, since the the so my.

- We just went on to disarm the situation. Later in the day I found a letter in my mailbox from them, that they had reported me for breach of my dogs. I was so scared!

- I was panic-stricken anxiety that was going to happen, my dogs something, but I got help and it turned out that the man had believed that an attack was the best defense. He had been afraid of the way his dog did that he would report me, so I told him.

- What kind of a society we have, where the anonymous review of others ' dogs can have disastrous consequences?

- Some people get a kick out of bothering other people, divorces, disputes between neighbours and other disputes shall not be able to cost innocent dogs ' life.

- Also, it's not a rule of law worthy with the reverse proof. It is the grotesque, that you can accuse anyone of anything - just because ......

- clearly, There is room for improvement, and I hope that you can help to create a law on hundehold, which all can feel comfortable about, writes Pernille W, but what do you think?

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