Homemade sexnoveller reveals game sextabu

Let's just clarify this first, before you read this article, which perhaps will offend you: To have a sexfantasi is not mean that you will try it out in real l

Homemade sexnoveller reveals game sextabu

Let's just clarify this first, before you read this article, which perhaps will offend you: To have a sexfantasi is not mean that you will try it out in real l

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
21 mart 2020 Saturday 20:02
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Homemade sexnoveller reveals game sextabu

Let's just clarify this first, before you read this article, which perhaps will offend you: To have a sexfantasi is not mean that you will try it out in real life.

With that in place it is nevertheless striking how many who apparently has a very special and extremely tabuiseret imagination:

members of the Family.

indeed, This is what a comprehensive textual analysis of the 250.000 text-based fantasies are pointing at.

the Researchers chewed-up the many English-language texts written by anonymous men and women between 2000 and 2016, found at a site that just prides itself on having brugergenerede erotic texts.

For the scientists, there is a treasure trove of information that reveals what we are deep down turn on. In contrast to the interviews and questionnaires is a more raw and honest insight into the deepest, most tabuiserede desires.

Each text was read about 50,000 times, and the researchers took in their analyses account for the most popular. The researchers have not read the many thousands of texts, there are at least 100 words, but they ran them through an algorithm that did a linguistic analysis and found to linguistic topics.

First found the words, which they classified in themes: Dirty talk theme contains words like cock, cum, pussy, clit, orgasm, asshole, etc.

Sensualitetstemaet contains words such as hip, thigh, sigh, gently, neck, slip, bump, etc.

Voldstemaet: Pain, flay, scream, blood, bitch, bite, beat, etc,

Familietemaet: Mother, father, daughter, son, sister, brother, parents etc.

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Then the researchers found out which stories were most popular (read most times), and set it up in relation to the themes that were most continuous in them.

It turned out that the dirty talk the theme and the family theme was the strongest markers for whether a story was popular: The more a story includes words from the family and from the dirty talk the themes, the more times was the read.

Here is the researchers ' view on what this means here:

‘the Content can be very read, because a large antalt readers of erotic online fiction enjoy incestbaseret content. It may also be that family-the words are random, they are not central parts of the erotic element, but that they are there as parts of the non-erotic element of the plot.

But because the family theme is the strongest marker for a history of popularity, and because these stories are published on a website for erotic fiction, we believe that it is incest-the theme that drives the popularity.’

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the Researchers point out that the data from the world's largest pornosite pornhub.com indicates that the search term ‘stepmother’ is in the top three year after year, while the sister and mother also appear in the top ten.

‘So, it is evident that incest is erotic, charged,’ it sounds in the studio, however, also points out that the texts must have some non-erotic elements in order to be popular: in other words It is not enough just to write dick and pussy in one away.

But before you, dear reader, dismisses the whole study as a incest-defense, please read how scientists place the incest-theme in a broader perspective:

‘It may well be that incest is not fundamental is appealing - while, on the other hand can be that incestfortællinger are popular because they are associated with violent social condemnation. In other words: It can be itself tabuelementet in any of the content, there are dragons. Readers looking for the forbidden, precisely because it is cross-border.’

In addition, account should be taken of that content, where the participants are under the age of 18 is not permitted on the analyzed site.

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We take hold of the lead author, Martin Seehuus, clinical psychologist from the Middlebury University, which is of unclear reasons, does not want to go out with it, what it analysede site is called, but literotica.com is not a bad bid.

- In relation to the family-the theme: it May not be that the word is just a part of the underlying plot and the context such as ‘my family was sleeping, while I banged Eva’?
- Yes, it is really possible, says Seehuus. With the data we have, we can not distinguish between a scenario as you describe, and one where the erotic element is incestuous. But as indirect evidence for our claim, we could see that the more words from the family-team, a story had, and the more often they appeared, the more popular was the story.

- So even though it may be random, as you point out, we believe that the explanation rather is that the words themselves are erotic for some readers. In addition, we made spot checks of several thousand stories, and it confirmed our thesis, " says Martin Seehuus to Ekstra Bladet.

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A quick look at the Danish websites that specialize in user written sexbrevne, points out that the american scientist do not shoot bad at all:

On totalsex.dk is looking the top 10 list of the most popular this month out as follows:

Several have incesttema. It can, of course, due to the fact that people, that turns on just this theme, is extra active and read more frequently on this site, rather than many other pages, such as sexnoveller.dk, that does NOT allow the incesttemaet.

Figures from the sexwriter.dk paints a similar picture: The themes, where there are the most stories, is - besides the ‘regular sex ‘age difference’ and ‘sex in the family'. On gratissexnoveller.dk is more mixed, since ‘Sex in the family’ is placed in the middle in terms of how many stories are uploaded. However, is the 'Large age difference' the second largest group.

Here, one must remember that many stories is definitely not the same, as they are very popular.

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