Family friendly SUV with confusing signals

I turn the big SUV over the sports of its two køreindstillinger, and suddenly appears the automatic gearbox, more aggressive and embattled. 20 miles later I a

Family friendly SUV with confusing signals

I turn the big SUV over the sports of its two køreindstillinger, and suddenly appears the automatic gearbox, more aggressive and embattled. 20 miles later I a

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
15 mart 2020 Sunday 21:01
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Family friendly SUV with confusing signals

I turn the big SUV over the sports of its two køreindstillinger, and suddenly appears the automatic gearbox, more aggressive and embattled.

20 miles later I am choosing to go back into the normal setting in the great Hyundai Tucson, which constitute testbilen.

Why I am returning to.

the Tucson is hyundai's attempt at a family-friendly SUV for a starting price of just over dkk 250,000. Now, testbilen, as I find myself in, costs more. There are several reasons for this.

First and foremost, is it a newer mildhybrid version, which came on the market in mid-2019.

Moreover, this testbil upgraded to the so-called N-Line-equipment level.

Model Tucson has some years old, and it is expected that a replacement is presented in the course of 2020.

the Koreans have, however, chosen to give the SUV a a last makeover by, among other things, to introduce the mild-hybrid, where a 48-volt motor engages with a diesel engine on either 136 hp or 185 hp.

Testbilen is the small version with the 1.6-liter engine, so here is the 136 hp to do well with.

The more powerful engine is a 2.0 liter.

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appearing mild-hybrid technique smoothly. 48-volt generator has the function of starter motor and can help with the 16 extra hp during acceleration. By slowing down puts the engine out automatically at 30 km/h. Measurements show, according to Hyundai, to hybridmotoren reduces the Tuscons fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to seven percent.

Dobbeltkoblingsgearkassen is excellent, as the automatic transmission shifts smoothly and without drawing attention to itself. At times one can, however, get to miss more weight from the engine, for missing powerful.

Therefore, you might consider trying the larger 185-hp version, before you sign on the slutsedlen. The price premium is about 70,000 dollars, but you also get more power and all-wheel drive included in the deal.

the interior is relatively dark, and only red stitching breaks the black and gray tones. Photo: Niels Friis

hyundai's sporty versions of their cars, so this SUV is adorned with all sorts of sporty details, and Hyundai in particular has given the gas with blanksorte details in the interior to a point where it borders on the excessive. Generally the cabin is characterized by very dark colors, and you may well miss a little 'life' in here.

however, you can not complain about the amount of standard equipment, which includes LED headlights, automatic emergency brake with fodgængergenkendelse, Apple CarPlay, rear view camera and 8 inch touchscreen.

In testbilen is also an excellent adaptive cruise control, which is to make Tucson a very reasonable komfortbil, which is ideal for long trips or as pendlerbil. Unfortunately it is optional to 10,000 crowns.

Just Tucson's abilities as komfortbil looking to a general sense of wonder that occurs when you run the N Line version. For it really makes sense to try to shape a big, heavy SUV in a sportier direction? Tucson running as a starting point, not especially arousing, and as I touched on at the start of the test, is the 'Sport'setting is not a place to stay too long.

To get a fast impression of the car and not at least the gearbox here, does violence to itself.

At the rear seats there is good room for even more children, and familievenligheden is in the top. Photo: Niels Friis

the best way to describe how Tucson is running, and it does it well. The underbody is, thankfully, not been lowered, and despite the rims on 19 inch is it soft enough to swallow vejhuller without getting too flaccid.

Therefore, it can be worthwhile to consider carefully whether you need to select the Tucson in N-Line. It puts itself between the two chairs, and you may be better served to choose a plain Tucson in the mild-hybrid with less equipment, but with the great saving.

the Same motor and gearbox can be obtained in a Trend edition for 340.000 euros.

You can also consider to wait for the new model.

Tucson N Line do very many things well. It appears the fed is out, run comfortably and have reasonable equipment, but the sporting profile does not fit especially well to the family-friendly SUV. In turn, the site is good, and the price for a less equipped version is sharp.


Five year warranty





Lack of effort

Adaptive cruise control is not standard

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--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Hyundai and N

BMW has an M division, Mercedes has AMG, and Hyundai has N. the Latter is hyundai's relatively newly-established division for the sporting models. The first model was a hardcore N-version of the regular i30, and the Golf GTI competitor got big praises for its abilities.

refers to both the city of Namyang in south Korea, where hyundai's global testing and development center have at home. In addition, it refers also to the Nurburgring, where hyundai's european test centre is located, and where i30N was developed.

just As one addition to the real M-models also can buy common models in the M-equipment packages from BMW, Hyundai now has introduced the N Line. It is a sporting udstyrsvariant of the ordinary cars, which is why this Tucson has black grille, black post in the LED headlights, black door mirrors and dark 19-inch alloy wheels.

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--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

the New Tucson can be discerned in the horizon

A new Hyundai Tucson is on the way. We know, because spionfotografer already several times has proven that Hyundai has started testing on public roads of the upcoming model.

is more or less camouflaged prototype version of the upcoming Tucson has been photographed on both vintertests and tests in the intense heat.

to know that the new generation of Tucson comes on the market in 2021.

Thus we can probably also expect Hyundai unveils the final design of the new model already in the end of 2020.

If you believe that new is better, this is why you can consider to wait, Hyundai has launched the next generation of SUV's.

434.995 crowns

From 254.995 crowns

1.6 CRDI + 48V

136 hp at 4.000 r/min.

320 Nm at 2,000 r/min.

7-speed DCT automatic gearbox

17,9 km/l

146 g/km

201 km/h

9,5 sec.

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