Diary from coronaland: Lidl-boss's day starts at. 3.30

the 32-year-old Simon Christian Blum is the store manager at Lidl on Vejlevej in Kolding. Since coronavirussen hit Denmark, there has been a large focus on th

Diary from coronaland: Lidl-boss's day starts at. 3.30

the 32-year-old Simon Christian Blum is the store manager at Lidl on Vejlevej in Kolding. Since coronavirussen hit Denmark, there has been a large focus on th

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Ann McDonald
19 mart 2020 Thursday 21:00
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Diary from coronaland: Lidl-boss's day starts at. 3.30

the 32-year-old Simon Christian Blum is the store manager at Lidl on Vejlevej in Kolding.

Since coronavirussen hit Denmark, there has been a large focus on the supermarkets, as people needlessly began to hoard goods for more of the government's measures to stop the infection spread. Most recently, Lidl introduced the plexiglass in front of the boxes to protect their employees.

Community - 17. mar. 2020 - pm. 18:45 Lidl hide the staff behind the glass

In Lidl at Vejlevej in Kolding have scored extra items into, so there is no reason to hoard, says Simon Blum.

See here, how his life for the time being take out.

Wednesday 18. march Private

the Alarm rings 3.30 and I take myself a bath just to get the body in time. After coming in the garment, kiss I gently my boyfriend at the reunion and go down to the car.

the Bell has been 4, and I runs from Esbjerg, where we live, against Kolding. It is a trip that takes about 45 minutes. Along the way, I put a general plan for the a little different everyday, while I enjoy a cup of coffee. No matter what is waiting for one more exciting day on top of the press conference last night, but I am full of optimism. Already now I know that we are a step ahead in comparison to the usual as some of my co-workers was a few hours longer yesterday evening/night. It is not the first time the night is taken in use for the replenishment of goods and the preparation of the store. My colleagues - more than usual - been flexible in relation to working hours and at short notice stepped in, when the need has been greatest.


One of my first priorities is to get the store filled up before we open at noon. 7. In this way we ensure at the same time, that is the most possible space in the aisles, by avoiding congestion between customers, employees, and pallets. At the same time, should the store be ready for the increasing demand we are experiencing, but again today, there are now plenty of goods. Just for the time being we actually have more items in stock than we used to. It means that we also in the course of the day can fill goods up, if there should be need for it.


While the goods are being filled up, will be the daily cleaning tasks also performed. In addition to the daily and most common cleaning tasks, I physically throughout the store. The areas I focus on today, is all the typical kundeberøringsoverflader; or in our flesh - and frostafdeling (as shown in the picture above), the area around our boxes, bake-off and the like. Also pantautomaten get an extra-thorough tour.


In the course of the day we are all the extra attention to our own hygiene. We make every effort to take the lead and some good role models. It means extra thorough handwashing as well as ongoing afspritning, among other things, our dispensers, which are configured in different places in the store. I believe that we are about to take the lead and set a good example, to influence customer behavior.


the Bell 16 is the day for my part was over. I take care of my daily småindkøb, puts me in the car and on the way home I am thinking the day through. Kundestrømmen and the turnover has been as expected. There are still plenty of goods on the shelves, and the store appears neat, clean and tidy. Now eftermiddagsholdet ready to take over.

One thing I bed brand in the already from the morning, was customers ' positive handling of the situation. We are putting plexiglass up in front of all our boxes in Lidl-stores as well as 'Keep your distance'-markings around the store, and the people are good to adhere to it. All in all a good day.

When I get home, I'll set me down and provide me with an overview of the tomorrow, Thursday. Here I will evaluate bemandingsbehovet in relation to the future delivery and the tasks in the store. I get daily news from the head office about the situation and it is cool, the hills of us as well, so we are constantly ready with measures and can inform customers. In addition, I can't let be to follow regularly with, both at press conferences and continuous opinions, to be best possible prepared and be able to react as quickly as possible.


In the Lidl store on Vejlevej in Kolding has the 32-year-old store manager Simon Blum is mainly the mark to coronavirussen, when it comes to planning and staffing. Several of the staff have family and a partner, who must also be at work.

- There is just something that needs to be planned, especially for the employees with familiebehov. But it really has resolved itself very easily, " says Simon Blum to Ekstra Bladet.

Simon Blum follows the every day development, when it comes to coronavirussen and the recommendations and rules, the authorities regularly report out. And though many might have believed it, despite the government's repeated reports that there is enough food for all, is actually never really empty shelves in the store.

- We have all the time had enough. Perhaps there has been a lack a particular variant of something in a single day, but then there have been similar other products on the shelf next to, say, Simon Blum, and continues:

- Actually we are a little in the opposite situation now, for now we have pressed the big button and have a great many goods in stock. So now, the focus is on to get 'filled up'.

On the more private front is coronavirussen also not something that affects Simon Blum very much.

- of course It is something you talk about. My gf works at Kolding Hospital, so we should also plan our lives out a bit from the new situation.

And so I play, for example, usually football, and I can no longer. But then I find just something else to do. My life is great as before I go to work, come home, make dinner and go to bed early to be ready for a new day. It is certainly most of the people who now stays at home every day, which is being affected by it, says Simon Blum.

yesterday it was the potential and forsidefrue Janni Ree, who wrote coronadagbog with Extra Magazine. Read about her on Tuesday here.

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