Denmark's richest get criticism for mass layoffs

the Country's richest man, Anders Holch Povlsen, could just three months ago proud to present a new nice accounts for its fashion chain Bestseller. the Group

Denmark's richest get criticism for mass layoffs

the Country's richest man, Anders Holch Povlsen, could just three months ago proud to present a new nice accounts for its fashion chain Bestseller. the Group

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
20 mart 2020 Friday 15:00
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Denmark's richest get criticism for mass layoffs

the Country's richest man, Anders Holch Povlsen, could just three months ago proud to present a new nice accounts for its fashion chain Bestseller.

the Group, with brands such as Jack & Jones, Vero Moda and Only had a surplus of around 2.1 billion dollars, while shareholders ' equity came up over 7 billion dollars.

Yet you chose rigmanden, who does not have any shareholders to answer for, Friday as a consequence of the coronakrisen to fire 750 out of a total of 4800 employees in Denmark. And it arouses criticism.

- There may be special circumstances, but it is important that companies do not just dismiss their employees and creates unnecessarily many unemployed, says Peter Skaarup, chairman of the Danish people's Party.

- What are you thinking about, to a large group as a Bestseller, does it?

- I think it is too bad.

At 3F in Nsw, which has many of the laid-off among its members, awakens the Bestseller's resolution of wonder.

- It is strange that they put so many people at so early a stage of crisis. With all the stimulus packages put forth by the politicians, it should not be necessary for them to fire so many, says the local 3F-president Henning Melbourne Pedersen.

He is referring to the stimulus packages to industry, as the government and the parliament have presented in response to the crisis. Here, companies have among other things been given the opportunity to get salary.

SF's erhvervsordfører Karsten Hønge calls for Bestseller in the future make use of hjælpepakkerne instead to lay off employees in droves.

- They must sit down and really look for: Is there not an opportunity to play together with the community in this situation, he says.

It has not been possible to get a comment to the criticism from Anders Holch Povlsen, who according to a recent statement from the Berlingske tidende, has a fortune of more than 55 billion dollars.

Bestselling in a press release explained massefyringerne with a significantly declining sales and a sudden lack of liquidity in the whole of the retail segment globally'.

- For our business, this means that we suddenly find ourselves in a crisis, as we would have sworn would never be possible for us and our loved ones, Bestseller, says Anders Holch Povlsen in a press release.

- Therefore it is also evil in the heart, that we today are forced to lay off 750 employees in Denmark.

Opposite the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, he calls it 'hammeralvorligt'

- I have never seen a textbook on how it should be tackled. The situation is hammeralvorlig.

But even though the situation is not easy, should Bestseller according to the Unity erhvervsordfører, Victoria Velasquez, takes the lead with a good example.

- There is so much talk about co-responsibility, and that everyone should help the community through coronakrisen. So blades it is hollow, when some of the best cushioned not to take responsibility for their employees, but instead chooses to fire them, she says.

in turn, believes Lars Boje Mathiesen, New Borgerliges erhvervsordfører not that it is for the politicians to interfere in business decisions.

- Hjælpepakkerne is an offer for companies, so there is a business on the other side of the crisis. I will not interfere in the as a politician. There is not any who criticize that hire 200 new employees, so the company can help Denmark through the crisis.

in response to the coronakrisen have the government and the parliament made several stimulus packages to the industry.

for Example, an agreement on salary.

The concept is that a company either face to lay off more than 30 percent of its employees or a minimum of 50 employees, will be compensated by the state if they commit not to fire the employees during the crisis, but just send them home.

in return, the state will cover up to 75 percent of the employee's salary to a maximum 23.000 kr. for white-collar workers and the 26,000 kr. for blue-collar workers.

the Scheme applies from the 9. march 2020 to the 9. June 2020.

Sales explode with

While Anders Holch Povlsen has been hit financially by the coronavirussen with Bestseller, so it's the complete opposite with netsupermarkedet which he owns the majority of.

Here are sales soared as coronavirussen has really been taken on the Danish society.

Prime minister Mette Frederiksen has also invited the danes to act on the web, as it can help to reduce the infection.

a few days ago revealed the director of the Stefan Plenge, that the sale in recent weeks was increased by more than 50 percent compared with last year, which he message celebrated across the Politiken newspaper described as a 'significant advancement'.

When the danes enter on the website to act, they are also often greeted with a message that they are in the queue, because the demand is so great.

It started especially, since Mette Frederiksen, last week Denmark closed down at his now famous press conference.

- We had experienced an increase in the run-up to, but not something that resembles it here, said Stefan Plenge, in this connection, indicated that it would hire 200 new employees.

Something would also suggest that the beautiful figures will continue, even when coronavirussen releases his take over Denmark. Detailekspert Bruno Christensen expect so not a big decrease in the number of new customers.

- I think that a part of them, as they have got as new customers will be stuck. They have become accustomed to the way to act on and they feel comfortable by it, he says.

Stefan Plenge founded in 2010, and in 2014, he sold 49 percent of the company to Anders Holch Povlsen.

the Page has mangemilliardæren several times shot hundreds of million according to the company, that year after year has been economically challenged, and where milliontab replaced milliontab. He now owns 67 percent.

the Latest financial statements show that the company has a turnover of 1.4 billion crowns, which is close to a doubling in a few years. By contrast, there has not been a surplus in the last five accounts, and in the past is the deficit of 52 million dollars.

But how to expect Bruno Christensen not, it will continue.

- after all, They have accumulated a huge total of deficits over many years, and they have never provided profits, so it is really a quantum leap for them.

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