Danish OLYMPIC hope: I am not a tudsegammel

It is surreal to suddenly take place in the middle of the history of the world. Such is the experience for the 26-year-old Simone Tetsche Christensen, who pre

Danish OLYMPIC hope: I am not a tudsegammel

It is surreal to suddenly take place in the middle of the history of the world. Such is the experience for the 26-year-old Simone Tetsche Christensen, who pre

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21 mart 2020 Saturday 11:00
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Danish OLYMPIC hope: I am not a tudsegammel

It is surreal to suddenly take place in the middle of the history of the world.

Such is the experience for the 26-year-old Simone Tetsche Christensen, who preferably would write history by jubilant to attach the fists at the top of the medaljepodiet in Tokyo for the summer – but just once know, too, that the OLYMPICS is very much at risk.

- I have just been sitting with some of your girlfriends been talking about that for 40 years, when we have been some old wives, we sit probably and remember back on this time, since the corona stunned a whole world.

- It is a pretty freaky thought. It is actually quite creepy. Fortunately, it appears that all countries in the world gradually are taking this virus seriously, " says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

She is the BMX-rider and an olympic medal. Is pt number four on the individual, the rolling ranking, which ranks a year back, as in tennis, and she is actually qualified for Tokyo, since Denmark is number nine on the national rankingliste.

The 11 best nations have secured tickets to the games in Japan, as the IOC stubbornly insists, takes place entirely as planned. Even without nationspladsen, she is individually as high, that the square is flat.

Simone Tetsche Christensen took in training camp up to the first World Cup race in Australia, since large parts of the continent was in flames. When she flew home six weeks later, it was with a newly purchased mask, for, as was coronaepidemien started to explode in China. (Private)

It goes bitterly for themselves, when the world's best BMX-riders puts all the bones in the game. Here is Simone Tetsche Christensen in action during the OLYMPIC games in Rio. Photo: Jens Dresling/Ritzau Scanpix

Simone Tetsche Christensen, hope the best – but is more in doubt than the OLYMPICS-pingerne. She is a medical student on leave after his bachelor and knows that four months to the OLYMPICS is a short time in the middle of a coronapandemi.

- It is a wild situation the world is in. It is the ’exciting’ not least for medicines and future doctor, if you can say it that way. Many of my friends from the university of Aarhus have signed up to help, and it is the fat that we in Denmark have the opportunity, says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

Simone should really have been to Italy to train, but the trip was thankfully cancelled - and the weather in Switzerland has actually been great this winter. Also seen from a BMX-driver's point of view. Here is Simone wearing grandmother's hjemmestrikkede sweater in the swiss alps. (Private)

She sits even in Switzerland in a dorm room in Aigle close to the UCI's World Cycling Centre, the Rhone river and lake Geneva, where she is the last one and a half years has trained intensively to the cellar through at the OLYMPICS in Tokyo.

the Games in Rio ended in a flood of tears as she was rammed out of the semi-final and crashed. The kind you can use as a fuel in the daily grind four years – and then it will almost be unbearable, if the OLYMPICS can not be implemented.

Or what?

- I dare not say what is happening. As an athlete you can't do anything other than prepare for the next competition, and we do it all together. We train it, we can and trying to follow what the IOC, DCU, DIF and so on are reporting. I hope, says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

Ready to continue a season in which several races already afslyst - and more probably going to. (Private)

Simone Tetsche Christensen posing in front of the Sleeman BMX Supercross Track in Brisbane, when the season was still in progress. (Private)

Simone Tetsche Christensen was used to test the olympic course in the fall, and the verdict was clear: It is better than the one in Rio, but the course takes too much speed out of the drivers hoppene is pointed, and the turns are not great. But the OLYMPICS-the organizers will correct some of it, before the OLYMPICS start 24. July - if coronapandemien not turn off the olympic flame. Simone reached, of course, to run into a japanese typhoon at the apartment. (Private)

- Now they have apparently gotten a little quiet at the corona in Japan, and the spread of the virus is stopped a bit – but it does not help so much, if athletes from the rest of the world can not travel there. The OLYMPICS should be for the best, and then it will be too bad if half of the elite can not come, says the 26-year-old BMX-rider.

- Fortunately, I'm not tudsegammel, so I may as well wait a half or a whole year, if it becomes necessary to postpone the OLYMPICS. So find the DCU and I'm safely out of it, says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

so far all the european and World Tour race cancelled until the beginning of may, and rumlerierne to report that the rankings from the beginning of march are the ones to follow, when the participants for the OLYMPICS will be designated. If Tokyo and the rest of the world is so ready...

- On the part looks reasonable, and I am glad that the last 18 months of training has paid off both physically and technically - indeed, on all the parameters. It was why I took a leave of absence from the study and moved down here. I live professionally, I have no stress, fewer injuries, and have more time to study the small details, says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

- But I miss my studio and am looking forward to going back. I'm the type who like to be busy, and in the beginning down here bored I am really. Now I'm a little nervous that I'm starting to think it is nice to be bored...

--------- SPLIT ELEMENT ---------

Simone Tetsche Christensen had to have a photo along with Rune Glifberg, who she first met in a Playstation game. Photo: Tariq Mikkel Khan Simone starstruck

When the Danish sports Federations shortly before christmas kept mediedag with a big colony of Danish OLYMPIC hopes, ran Simone Tetsche Christensen into a bit of a surprise: Skateboarderen Rune Glifberg!

The 45-year-old veteran rates also on an OLYMPIC ticket in the skateboard, which is scheduled as a presentation sport at the games in Tokyo. But the people from copenhagen have long ago set deep track – also at home in Bjerringbro, where Simone is coming from.

When my younger brother and I were small we played often on a playstation game called Tony Hawk's, and there was the Rune the one of the characters, you could choose. It is sick nice. Consider just how much you've checked on your to-do-list in life, when you have a playstationspil where you are with. I think it is the resources at mit, says Simone Tetsche Christensen.

- I then discovered that we needed to be on the team together at the Experimentarium before christmas. It was extra funny that he was with, because he is somewhat older than most. It is not because I go up in the skateboard on the way. It is just awesome, we have a dane with so much promotion, " says Simone, who just had to have a selfie together with Rune Glifberg.

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