Coronasyg sent around on the Danish hospital: I fear to have infected many

A 27-year-old chronic lungesyg coronasmittet woman experienced a true hell, when she last week seeking treatment at Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød, denmark.

Coronasyg sent around on the Danish hospital: I fear to have infected many

A 27-year-old chronic lungesyg coronasmittet woman experienced a true hell, when she last week seeking treatment at Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød, denmark.

Ann McDonald
Ann McDonald
22 mart 2020 Sunday 02:00
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Coronasyg sent around on the Danish hospital: I fear to have infected many

A 27-year-old chronic lungesyg coronasmittet woman experienced a true hell, when she last week seeking treatment at Nordsjællands Hospital, Hillerød, denmark.

Throughout the four days she was denied a coronatest and instead sent around several different departments, where she potentially could have infected 40 other persons, - of which ten patients, she had close encounters with during the process.

- I have it simply so badly to think how many I may have infected.

- in Particular I think of an older man, as I was laid on the living room with. He was very poor in advance. Every time I hear about a new coronadødsfald, I think of him, tells the woman.

Only after the four days of the box with the system, she managed to push through with the requirement of a coronatest. It was positive. Today she is getting over the disease covid-19.

Extra Magazine know the woman's full identity and has received documentation of her experience in the form of transcripts from, where patients can get the insight in the medical records during a hospitalization.

'the Patient is very uncomfortable not to be tested and expresses its frustration for this reviewer,' notes one of the doctors who refused to test the woman, because she had not had close encounters with a coronasmittet and is not returned from abroad.

A doctor writes in the woman's journal in technical terms 11. march:

'Still højfebril before panodil morning. Still uncomprehending why don't we go on down the other tracks as fx. corona virus. The argument is repeated.'

the Woman who usually fits a general office, is married and has two children, doesn't want to stand up with his name out of concern for its children and again life after coronaepidemien.

Her trip through the vridemaskinen at Hillerød Hospital started on Sunday 8. march. After a day with a fever of 40 degrees and heavy chest pain, she was asked to meet up in the a & e department at the hospital, which covers the north sjælland area.

Then she was through the four day sent around to different departments. Only a single time - it was just upon arrival, she was asked to wear mundbind. But otherwise, train the staff first, at the very end special precautions.

So she sat in waiting rooms and lay on the living rooms, where she had contact with staff, relatives and patients. She underwent both MRI - and CT-scans and a number of other studies.

the Woman was already at an early stage, nervous to be coronasmittet, because she is suffering from a chronic tramsygdom by the name of morbus Crohn.

nevertheless, she met several times hovedrysten, when she expressed her desire for a coronatest.

I asked already the first day my nurse, if I can be tested for corona. He chooses to laugh at the question and says 'it is that the corona is not as bad as the media says,' tells the woman, who has prepared a thorough written explanation of the process.

First Thursday, 12. march we managed the woman to be tested for the worldwide virus. Friday 13. march, in the afternoon to notify a doctor over the phone, that woman is tested positive for the corona.

Now I at home and have a bad conscience over the fact that I may have infected thousands of people. I have even been past Rema1000 and the Supermarket 12. march, because I was alone at home and urgently needed a particular item, says the woman.

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Hillerød Hospital: Other rules now

From the north Zealand Hospital Hillerød tells the deputy director, Jonas Egebart, the hospital drastically changed the handling of potential coronapatienter, since the woman was on tour between 8. and 12. march.

however, He may not comment on the specific course of treatment, because the department currently has enormously busy.

- How can it happen that she gets sent around the clock at your hospital, when you don't know whether she has coronavirus?

- You provide, to patientforløbet start 8. march. It is a little bit of time. We have constantly followed the National guidelines for the management of coronapatienter. But they have been continuously updated, as we have become more aware of how we must deal with the disease, says Jonas Egebart,

- As it is now, so all patients, who are suspected of coronasmitten be handled completely separate from other patients. It comes under evaluation, hospitalization and intensive treatment.

- So it will not be able to happen again?

- Both then and now, we have followed National guidelines when we manage patients with suspected coronasmitte.

- As the guidelines are now, we have a separate track.

- So that her journey could not happen today?

- I can't go down in the concrete flow. But I can say that the patients who arrive in the day, where there is a suspicion coronasmitte, will be handled in a separate track from the hospital, other activity.

- One is National guidelines. Now. But even ten days ago it was probably common sense that a patient who has suspected coronasmitte - should not be sent around on a lot of different departments?

- At a time when the whole country navigate by a new disease, so it is really important that we all follow the reports we get from the health authorities. Therefore, we also follow to the letter the guidelines, such as they are.

- board of Health director, Søren Brostrøm, has now acknowledged that they have underestimated the infection. It might look like that the position is rislet down in the system when a nurse at your hospital says that the corona, it is just something they talk about in the media?

- We are taking the situation very seriously. It is difficult to comment on a specific conversation between the nurse and the patient. The aim may have been to betrygge the patient. It is difficult to comment on. There is no doubt that we here at the hospital are taking the situation very seriously. Our staff has worked very hard to restructure the hospital to be ready, says Jonas Egebart.

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