5 bank accounts without commissions and without payroll

The emergence of neobanks was a breath of new air in the offering of banking products.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 May 2024 Saturday 23:06
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5 bank accounts without commissions and without payroll

The emergence of neobanks was a breath of new air in the offering of banking products. These new entities, supported by technology, began to market accounts without commissions and without requirements, since a minimal or non-existent branch network allowed them, among other things, to reduce costs.

Currently, the offer is very wide. “Right now you can sign up for an account without being charged these charges, but, in addition, it does not require you to meet any type of requirement such as payroll direct debit and it gives you access to other advantages,” the experts add.

But to make the choice easier among the large number of commission-free and payroll-free accounts, HelpMyCash has selected the five best of the moment, which not only do not charge anything for the account or card, but also provide added advantages.

Within this classification, BBVA's Commission-Free Online Account stands out. It is an account from a large bank, but it is contracted 100% digitally, does not charge fees of any kind and does not require payroll direct debit. In addition, it gives access to the best promotion of the moment, since the entity returns up to 720 euros gross of the expense of electricity, gas, Internet and mobile phone bills in one year. Specifically, the client recovers a maximum of 60 gross euros per month from these receipts.

For those looking for an account without commissions and without demands, but with profitability, a good option is the Sabadell Online Account. This account does not charge fees for the account or the debit card nor does it require payroll direct debit. It is a paid account with a 6% TIN for the first three months and then drops to 2% APR, which gives a final APR of 3.06%. Starting in the second year, the profitability is 2% indefinitely. The maximum amount to be remunerated is 20,000 euros.

The ING NoAccount Account can be opened even if you do not have a payroll and it does not charge commissions of any kind. With it, the client will have access to 1% interest, a virtual card and transfers that arrive on the same day. And if you buy online, you will have purchase protection insurance.

For those who like to travel, the best account without commissions and without having to direct your payroll is the Revolut Account. To start, the customer will be able to withdraw money for free at any ATM in the world (up to 200 euros) and buy in another currency with the best exchange rate. But if you want to make your savings profitable, you can contract the Flexible Account, which depending on the plan chosen, you can obtain a return of up to 3.97% and without any risk. Advantages can be added to this account depending on the plan chosen.

Finally, the Santander Online Account stands out. It is an account without commissions of any kind or demands, not even for the debit card. But if you decide to direct deposit the payroll and two receipts into the bank and it is greater than 2,500 euros, you will receive a gift of 400 gross euros. For payrolls between 600 and 2,500 euros, the gift will be 300 euros gross, but it will need to remain in the bank for two years.