Yolanda Díaz asks in Alicante for the vote for Podem, "the guarantee that we have Botànic"

Save the Botanic.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
24 May 2023 Wednesday 16:22
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Yolanda Díaz asks in Alicante for the vote for Podem, "the guarantee that we have Botànic"

Save the Botanic. Four days after 28M, the mission is crystal clear and that is how everyone involved has understood it. And Yolanda Díaz proclaimed it this afternoon in Alicante: "We have the historic opportunity to defeat the PP here, in the Valencian Community", she exclaimed, aware of "the importance of these elections, in which a model of society is at stake" .

The vice president has praised the work of Héctor Illueca, EU-Podem candidate for the Presidency of the Generalitat, and has asked to "concentrate the vote" on his candidacy as a "guarantee that we have Botànic". For the minister, Illueca is, along with Ada Colau, the person who has done the most to address the housing problem in Spain.

It should not be forgotten that the Vice President of the Government and Illueca maintain an excellent personal and professional relationship, since he was General Director of the Labor Inspectorate in the ministry directed by Díaz, before joining the Vice Presidency of the Puig Government.

That the left-wing coalition formed by Unides Podem and Esquerra Unida does not reach 5% of the votes in the automatic elections would mean leaving thousands of votes and seats without representation which, according to what the polls anticipate, could prevent the sum of the Valencian left was enough to prevent the access of the PP candidate, Carlos Mazón, to a presidency sustained in coalition with Vox.

That explains Díaz's presence at today's event and the vehemence with which he has defended the need to continue "with the useful policy that serves to improve people's lives." With nods to the shoe dressers, whose representatives were present in the public, the minister has asked that the city councils get involved in the recognition of their rights, "because they make it possible for many people to earn money."

The minister has expressed herself in forceful terms against the companies that "have multiplied their margins by seven", in her opinion, the real cause of inflation. And in a province where the service sector has so much weight, Díaz has paid special attention to labor abuses that occur in the hospitality industry.

"I ask you to take these elections seriously," insisted the leader of Sumar. "We have shown that we know how to manage without stealing, better than them," she added, referring to the leaders of the Popular Party. "We govern better, without stealing, that is why we must go vote in these elections, I ask you with all my affection not to stop, to mobilize, to ask for the vote for the Unides Podem candidacy, to ask for the vote for Héctor Illueca" , it is finished.

Illueca, candidate, vice president of the Council and Minister of Housing, thanked Díaz for his support and warned those present about "the pressure that will be exerted on you in the coming days so that you lower your arms."

The battle of the correlation of forces is, in his opinion, key in the 28M elections, which is why he considers it necessary to opt for "brave" formations, which bet on measures such as public supermarkets, or a public energy company that opposes to the oligopoly of the sector, or its own pharmaceutical industry. Illueca assures that "at the table of the Consell de la Generalitat" defenders of these "very powerful interests; there are many more people than it seems at that table".

"The real housing debate is whether or not to intervene in the real estate market, if tourist rentals in stressed areas are going to be limited to 2%," said the person who has held the responsibility of the Housing department of the Consell

Before, the actress Rosana Pastor introduced the act and the first speech by Xavi López, number 2 of the Eu-Podem candidacy for Alicante City Council, who recalled the women's struggle that a century ago, in the Las Cigar factories, then a tobacco factory and now a cultural center, were pioneers in the union demand of the city.

His speech, brief and harsh with the popular mayor, Luis Barcala, preceded that of the mayoral candidate, Manolo Copé (EU), who "snatched" the leading position from him due to a pact that "owed" an important capital to their formation. Copé has predicted that a left-wing alliance will recover the Alicante City Council and that Yolanda Díaz will be "the first female president of the Government of Spain."

Alex Aguilar, head of the list for Alicante to the Valencian parliament, regional secretary of Housing and Rosa Pérez Garijo, coordinator of the EU in the Valencian Country and councilor, have recalled the achievements of Yolanda Díaz at the head of the Ministry of Labor and have reviewed the advances in rights and freedoms achieved by the government of the Botànic. "Either we are going forward, or we are going backwards, and for that the best thing is to support EU-Podem; this time, they will not pass", Garijo has sentenced.