Where to find the best ideas to grow a business

In 2021, more than 1.

14 September 2022 Wednesday 09:19
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Where to find the best ideas to grow a business

In 2021, more than 1.5 million people have lived the experience of attending an event at IFEMA MADRID. This is as if almost half of the people of Madrid had visited the fair institution at some point in the year; a capital number in a complex but motivating context. And it is that the nearly 600,000 square meters that occupy the 13 pavilions of IFEMA MADRID are never empty, their activity is constant.

The South African politician Nelson Mandela said that “a winner is a dreamer who never gives up”. Millions of dreamers gather at IFEMA MADRID every year. In the first six months of 2022, 145 fairs, congresses and corporate and leisure events have been held; meeting spaces to build professional relationships, links between people with the same concerns, to be inspired and understand that, without fostering talent, the future would be very different.

This has been experienced firsthand by the young businesswoman Constanza Lacalle. A year ago, invited by a friend, she attended the Salon Look and discovered the attractive sector of image and aesthetics. A year later, on October 21, she will be the one to attend IFEMA MADRID, this time as the owner of a newly opened beauty center and thus be able to find out about the latest developments in the sector.

“That first visit to Salón Look a year ago made me consider my true vocation, there I discovered all the suppliers I needed to set up my own business; this year I am going with the intention of expanding and creating a more network of contacts”, explains the businesswoman.

Professional meetings are where the best ideas arise, where the entrepreneur gets that spark that we call inspiration. This happened to Salvador Presa, a Valencian citrus wholesaler who has been attending the Fruit Attraction fair for five years. When he visited it for the first time as an exhibitor he had 25 employees, today there are more than 70 in the company.

“Coming to this fair is very necessary for me, it gives me the guides to understand my sector, to know how to improve and expand my company; here, in addition, I contacted different international clients who are looking for products from the Valencian orchard”, explains the businessman. At Fruit Attraction, which this year will be held from October 4 to 6, Salvador Presa also got clues about how to digitize his business: "Now I don't understand how I could have been working for so many years without the tools I discovered at Fruit Attraction, which they facilitate the work and the distribution of my product”.

It is not only in professional meetings that experiences are lived that make one feel inspiration. In leisure events, such as a concert, a show or a gaming event, ideas are born due to the explosion of content that can be experienced in them. María Sánchez, in addition to being passionate about live music and has enjoyed great concerts at IFEMA MADRID, is creative and a lover of video games.

In an event like GAMERGY, you have been able to see the explosion and a great world of possibilities in everything related to avatars, fashion and all the objects that surround the story and its development. “Gamergy has allowed me to live a unique experience. Being able to see new releases and my favorite gamers live is unique. In addition, as a professional, I am clearer every day that digitization and the approach to creating and selling objects within this industry is the future”.

IFEMA MADRID is not just a physical place where a business can be publicized, it is a meeting point where it can grow and take on new challenges, where new ideas can be launched. And this cannot be achieved without people, without all those "dreamers" who come to IFEMA MADRID to find inspiration or the necessary boost for their business, to "levitate" to make their entrepreneurial dreams come true. “For us, people are fundamental, because without them nothing exists”, explains Raúl Díez, Director of Communications and Marketing.

The events for the professional public that are organized every week at IFEMA MADRID provide diverse and innovative value to their attendees, bringing together the most disruptive offer on the market. Only in this way can businesses improve, grow and excel, maximizing the experience thanks to the proximity of the venue to the city.

According to international rankings, Madrid is the fifth city with the greatest economic influence in the world, as well as the eighth best city to live in. The offer of business events and business opportunities, such as those mentioned at IFEMA MADRID, are key to this valued position, but leisure, culture and the lifestyle promoted in the capital also come into play.

That is why, for some time now, people have also come to IFEMA MADRID to live cultural, exhibition or musical experiences. It is one of the best-prepared venues in Europe to host major international performance events, such as the big top for Nacho Cano's new musical, Malinche The Musical, which will have a 29-meter-long theatrical structure, bleachers and structures for water and waterfalls. “It will be one of the most important stages in Europe”, they say from the production that opens on September 15.

In addition, on December 1 the third season of Hangar 52 Revolution also returns, the show of the Magician Yunke, chosen for the third year as World Champion of Magic. Its staging incorporates the most impressive illusions at the level of Broadway or Las Vegas, with incredible special effects of light, fire, music and sound. And it is that at IFEMA MADRID you also come to have a good time.



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