What will Diana Morant's new executive be like to direct the PSPV?

It will be a plural, integrative executive, with a majority of women and with a marked generational character.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 March 2024 Monday 10:28
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What will Diana Morant's new executive be like to direct the PSPV?

It will be a plural, integrative executive, with a majority of women and with a marked generational character. This is the version that sources close to Diana Morant offer about the governing body of the PSPV that will be elected in the extraordinary congress that will be held on the weekend of March 23 and 24.

There are barely two weeks left and these sources emphasize that the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities has not yet begun to specify the names of the management that will accompany her these four years, but they warn that it will be made up of people she absolutely trusts: “There will be no distribution of quotas,” they add. And the model of the first executive that Ximo Puig chose when he became general secretary in 2012 after the Alicante congress is taken as a reference. That first executive was made up of 69 people, and included the leaders of several of the Valencian families of the PSPV.

Diana Morant needs to put together a team that is capable of managing the party day to day with total loyalty, given that the minister will not always be able to be in the Valencian Community due to her obligations in the Government. Although it is true that after her appointment as leader of the PSPV, Morant has exponentially multiplied her agenda in Valencian territory, becoming a shadow of the president of the Generalitat Valenciana, Carlos Mazón.

From those around the new socialist leader they point out that she is not going to bet so much on who but on what each of the chosen people can do. And that these will work “with the conviction that in 2027 the Generalitat Valenciana can be recovered.” In this regard, they add that, at the moment, she has not yet decided who will be the person in charge of the Organization area of ​​the party, but that it is most likely that she will be a woman.

The only thing he has made public is his intention to keep the ombudsman of the socialist parliamentary group, José Muñoz, who replaced Rebeca Torró after her departure to the second step of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism.

With just a few days left until Congress, Diana Morant has moved in recent days to make herself visible at various institutional and party events. In fact, she participated last Saturday in the tribute to former Valencian president Ximo Puig in Morella. An event in which, by the way, the provincial secretaries of Alicante and Valencia, Alejandro Soler and Carlos Fernández Bielsa, did not attend.

Both were pre-candidates for the general secretary of the PSPV to replace Puig; but after an agreement reached in Ferraz they chose to renounce their candidacies and offer their support for Diana Morant to be elected as the new leader of the Valencian federation.

According to the agreement reached by the three parties, Bielsa will be the new deputy general secretary of the party and Soler, the president. The problem is how this promised integration will occur after the global agreement did not further specify. Of course, Morant has already made it clear to his then rivals that he will not give up any other key positions in his executive.

This lack of specificity is what is causing nerves among those close to the two leaders who gave in to Ferraz's push in favor of Morant. “You have to comply with the agreement and that means sitting down and talking, without pretensions, but you have to sit down,” explain sources close to Soler. And, according to what some and others denounce, “there is no progress in the negotiation” and “the minister is going at her own pace.”

So far, both provincial leaders have closed ranks around Morant's new leadership. In fact, in the assemblies to elect the delegates who will go to the congress, in the province of Valencia, there has hardly been any confrontation and consensus lists have been presented in all the regions except in Camp de Túria. “The commitment to Diana is firm, she has transferred Bielsa to her people,” explain sources close to the spokesperson in the Valencia Provincial Council. However, we are waiting for the minister to make some gesture to develop that promised integration agreement that, for the moment, has not occurred.

Both Soler's entourage and that of the mayor of Mislata hope that some type of agreement can be closed this week because "such a lace-up is complicated" and there is "not that much time left." It must be remembered that Morant has already indicated that he wants to change the way of doing things in a party accustomed to stretching organic negotiations until the last minute of the last night of Congress and that is why he has decided to advance the executive vote to Saturday the 23rd. . For this to be possible, before the conclave everyone has to be very clear about what role they are going to play in the PSPV of the future and, above all, agree with it.