“We are the hinge of two environments in transformation”

- A busy 2022 ends.

21 November 2022 Monday 10:44
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“We are the hinge of two environments in transformation”

- A busy 2022 ends.

- And we have known how to manage the difficulties of a complex context. The entire sector expected further growth from our businesses.

- And GroupM Spain, how much has it grown in this period?

- Moderately, 4%. Those of us who are optimists believe that this figure is reasonably good.

- What pillars have been supported to achieve these figures?

- In trying to generate new business and attract new clients with differential projects. Google, connected television... advertisers are identifying unknown levers up to now, in which they did not play, and our agency accompanies them in these steps to connect them with their audiences in the best possible way.

- Landed in the agency from advertiser. What role do you play in that relationship?

- We are a hinge between brand and media, two environments in full transformation. We cannot limit ourselves to the role of the past: buying volumes and negotiating spaces. In times of uncertainty, we are a trusted consultant, a specialist who guides and helps the client.

- So, are you still a media agency?

- And proudly. We are a key partner for advertisers and their businesses. There are even other industries that are close to ours because we add a lot of value.

-What is the differential point of GroupM Spain?

- At a time of change, our differential is the ability to provide first-rate advice to clients. An accompaniment with international dialogue. You can be a very important agency at the local level, but without the international layer it will be very difficult to grow at a time when platforms are increasingly global.

- Are new media mature enough for advertisers to trust them?

- What we cannot do is wait for the audience of each platform to be massive to recommend it to advertisers. Our job is to accompany them from the beginning. We cannot know if the metaverse will work or not. We like to sit down with clients and explore new terrain, like gaming.

- Are these new environments then part of the present or of the future?

- In the short term they will not be massive platforms, but we must have an intrinsic interest in learning how they work, using them and helping to develop them. They are a great opportunity to differentiate yourself. If not, why are we here?

- Tell me.

- To accompany our clients to reach their audiences with transformative creativity. We help them in their business activities, which is why we set business kpis as the focus of our work.

- Those hearings do not stop moving, from one side to another.

- True, but they don't do it from one day to the next. It has always happened with each medium: press, radio, television... this is not new. When platforms modify their structures or value propositions, user attention is modified.

- It's an exciting industry.

- Leaving the 'jack, knight and king' generates uncertainty. New technologies, or data, make advertising much more dynamic, and change not only the way of communicating with audiences, but also change society.

- Among so much transformation, what role does the media play?

- His social work is more important than the very support in which he carries it out. It does not matter from which platform it is reported, what is relevant is its essence. Before it was paper, maybe tomorrow it will be the metaverse. Support is just technology, the essence is even more relevant than ever. And in this evolution of the media we can also contribute a lot from the agencies.

- The macroeconomic context makes price a very determining factor when choosing an agency. Will it continue to be so?

- In the short term, yes. Beyond, no. My only interest is that each client receives the best possible service. And to achieve that, you need the best talent. We must all understand that this goal must be remunerated. We believe in a model in which the interest of the client is above all else. Globally, WPP is number one, and in Spain we are going to promote this model, so we need the best team.

- With new professional profiles.

- We complete new profiles with the strong know-how that we have in the media. Digital professionals, specialists in new platforms and environments; also in date. And in creativity. It is not only about technology, but about creatively adapting messages to each medium. There is a part of humanity that cannot be forgotten.

- What would improve?

A review of the business model of media agencies is needed. With more transparency.

- Make three wishes for 2023.

- (Let me think about the order). First, a greater daring to do different things, and lose the fear of being wrong. Second, ambition to think big, advertisers deserve it. And finally, that the current macroeconomic environment improves.



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