Vitamins to strengthen nails: What are they for and which are the best?

It is increasingly common to do a semi-permanent manicure due to the durability and comfort it provides.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
12 May 2024 Sunday 16:34
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Vitamins to strengthen nails: What are they for and which are the best?

It is increasingly common to do a semi-permanent manicure due to the durability and comfort it provides. However, some products are a bit harsh on the nails, leaving them weakened and dull. To prevent this from happening, it is best to use vitamin products that strengthen and promote the growth of a healthy nail.

The most beneficial vitamins are usually biotin, which strengthens keratin, which is an essential protein for strong and flexible nails. Vitamin E acts as an antioxidant and protects against damage. Folic acid stimulates growth and vitamins C and D promote good absorption of key minerals.

Vitamins are key to good nail health. In addition, some supplements that promote hair growth also affect hair growth and strength. In fact, one of the reasons that can lead to hair loss is a lack of vitamins. A diet with essential proteins and vitamins can turn your fine hair and brittle nails into vigorous and strengthened hair and hands with flexible and nourished nails.

There is a wide variety of vitamins that can help you improve the health of your nails, these are the most common and where you can find them:

It is a food supplement that helps strengthen your nails so they look healthier. Its formula is composed of L-cystine and zinc to deeply nourish your nails and make them stronger and more flexible. Vitamins suitable for adults who want to enhance the health and good condition of their nails.

Strengthen your nails and eliminate cracks with this hardening treatment. Moisturizes and protects weak nails thanks to its formula with titanium and diamonds. Creates an extremely hard layer on the nail surface that protects it from fragility, breakage and damage.

Multivitamin complex for skin, hair and nails. Enriched with a powerful combination of essential nutrients, including folic acid, vitamin C, zinc, vitamin B12 and biotin. Its formula works to strengthen the immune system, increase energy levels and promote healthy skin, hair and nails.

Deeply nourish and hydrate your nails with this hydrating oil from Essie. It absorbs quickly, so forget about having oily hands or staining your clothes. Conditions nails quickly, strengthening them and preventing your cuticles from drying out, providing deep nutrition. In addition, it softens them so that they are easier to remove.

SI-NAILS strengthens your nails with an invisible and easy-to-apply finish. Thanks to its combination of ingredients, it provides the nail with keratin, hydration, silicone and protection so that it does not break. Its design allows for easy application. Pass the brush along the entire edge of the nail and cuticle with vertical movements from the inside out, covering the entire surface.

This treatment is specific to regenerate damaged or very weakened nails. It is formulated with taurine, panthenol and Vitamins C and E micro-encapsulated in spherical particles to help quickly improve nail quality. With the constant use of this treatment, nails can regenerate and grow strong and healthy and regain their beauty and resistance. With results in a week.

Protect your nails with this hardening base and prevent them from being damaged by the use of chemical treatments or semi-permanent manicures. Nourishes your nails deeply and hardens them to prevent them from breaking easily. It can be used as a normal polish thanks to its pink color that provides a healthy appearance to the nail.

This product is specially designed for the care of nails and cuticles. Its unique and fast-absorbing formula has been made with a selection of high-quality ingredients to provide the best benefits. It is an oil with grape seeds, sesame, kukui, sunflower and cupuaçu oils, which combine to provide hydration, softness and flexibility to nails and cuticles.

Take care of your nails, skin and hair with this vitamin complex. Its innovative formula provides an effective response to the main causes of hair loss in women. Contains vegan collagen, vitamin C and other active ingredients with proven effectiveness in hair, skin and nail care. In addition, it not only strengthens hair and nails, but also encourages their growth.

If your nails break or have soft or thin nails, this product is perfect for you. Its complex of micro-encapsulated active ingredients and crystallized resin make the nail base more resistant and thicker. In addition, it can be used as a single product or as a base for manicure.