Valencian tourism is committed to improving the reputation of professionals in the sector

We have a big human resources problem.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
21 March 2023 Tuesday 22:44
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Valencian tourism is committed to improving the reputation of professionals in the sector

We have a big human resources problem. The phrase is not new to the person who said it, the regional secretary of Tourism, Francesc Colomer. But he verbalized it again yesterday in the context of the presentation of the Creaturisme 2023 Action Plan for the national and international promotion of tourism companies. "Human capital is not going well", added Colomer, who included as a peremptory objective of the sector "to overcome the reputation of professionals in the sector". He gave two examples, the waiters and the room cleaners, the "kellys": "you have to be very careful with disregarding the value chain."

Francesc Colomer also announced the four new institutional campaigns to reinforce and disseminate the values ​​of the Valencian Community in terms of tourism excellence and sustainability, digitization and tourism intelligence, as well as training and hospitality. Precisely, one of these campaigns will be aimed at publicizing the training courses that are carried out in the Tourism Centers of the Valencian Community (Red CdT). In addition, this campaign, which has a budget of 400,000 euros, will value professions related to tourism and the importance of these professionals in the Valencian tourism sector as a whole. "We forget that workers in the sector are people who take care of people, and in a robotized and digitized future they will be essential to humanize tourism," he added.

The regional secretary yesterday presented some advertising campaigns that are part of the Creaturisme Action Plan for this 2023, a year in which marketing actions and global recruitment stand out, as well as the increase in the presence in specialized fairs both nationally as international. Colomer highlighted the "commitment to communicate the different proposals to discover the Valencian Community to markets such as the American or Asian".

In fact, he specified that in this exercise "we have to recover the long-distance, Asian and American markets that we had before the pandemic." In this regard, he highlighted the objective of attracting tourists from Japan, South Korea or China, and those from the US and Canada. In 2022, more than 2.8 million American tourists visited Spain, almost 4% of all tourists from that country. The Valencian Community receives 2.7% of the American market that reaches Spain; In 2019 our autonomy received 90,000 tourists and in 2022 it has reached 123,000.

The campaigns will be disseminated in different waves in the calendar, with a duration of 12 months, under the generic claim 'La nostra attitude fa turisme'. The four batches of the campaigns have a global budget of 1,550,000 euros. For Colomer, "the claim is fortunate because it directs all the sensitivity and all the center of gravity that must revolve around the attitude", adding that "our attitude makes tourism, and makes us more hospitable and more sustainable, which is the pattern of target selection from now on."

One of these campaigns has the objective of disseminating and reinforcing tourism excellence and sustainability. This campaign will have two creative lines: the positioning of the Valencian Community and the Qualitur brand as a quality reference, in addition to promoting the image of the Community as a sustainable and responsible destination. The budget for this campaign is 400,000 euros, and 80% of the dissemination will be carried out in the Valencian Community and the remaining 20% ​​at the national level.

Another campaign will disseminate and inform about the brand values ​​and action programs of Turisme CV in terms of Smart Tourist Destinations (DTI) and digitization of the tourism sector. The budget is 250,000 euros (plus VAT) and the dissemination will be carried out 75% in the Valencian Community and 25% in national territory.

And the fourth campaign aims to disseminate, raise awareness and inform about the action programs of Turisme CV as a hospital destination. This campaign will promote the values ​​of the Region as a welcoming destination for tourists, highlighting the importance of tourism for the whole of society as an economic engine and of that hospitality in competitiveness and capacity to generate employment. It has a budget of 500,000 euros and will be disseminated in the Valencian Community.