U.K. PM Boris Johnson announces resignation after allies quit en masse

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07 July 2022 Thursday 16:19
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U.K. PM Boris Johnson announces resignation after allies quit en masse

London -- The U.K. Prime minister Boris Johnson announced Thursday that he would resign as leader of the party. This will see him lose his top position in the country. Johnson addressed the nation in front of his 10 Downing Street offices. He thanked Britons and said that he believed it was time for his Conservative Party's new leader.

Johnson stated, "It is now clear that the parliamentary Conservative Party should have a new leader and therefore a replacement PM." "I have today appointed a cabinet to continue serving, as I will, up until a new leader is installed."

The BBC reported earlier Thursday that Johnson intended to continue as prime minister until the fall. Immediately, fellow Conservatives questioned Johnson's plan.

BBC News quoted Kwasi Kwarteng, a Conservative lawmaker who was also former national Business Secretary, as saying that the country needs a new leader. Ruth Davidson, former leader of the Scottish Conservatives, said in a tweet that there was no way he could stay on beyond October. It is absurd to believe he can.

John Major, former prime minister, wrote to Conservative members of parliament who decide the timetable for selecting a new leader of the party to tell them that Johnson should not remain in office until the fall.

Major wrote that Johnson should be removed from Downing Street if he is not able to win the confidence of the House of Commons. This would ensure the country's overall well-being.

Keir Starmer (leader of the Labour Party), said Johnson "needs" to go. Johnson cannot continue to be a caretaker prime Minister. Starmer warned Johnson that if Johnson doesn't resign as prime minister, Labour would bring a no confidence vote in the national interest. This cannot continue."

Johnson's announcement was made after several high-profile resignations from his government earlier in the week. There were also calls for Johnson's departure by members his party.

Johnson thanked the voters for their "incredible mandate" and stated that Johnson had fought so hard over the past few days to deliver it in person. He also said, "I felt it was my duty, obligation, and responsibility to you to keep doing what we promised."

He claimed that Britain's "brilliant, Darwinian" system would produce an as committed leader as he was. But, "as we've witnessed at Westminster, the herd instincts are powerful and when the herd is moving, it moves." My friends, there is no one who is indispensable in politics.

Johnson stated that he would support the chosen Conservative Party leader and then, to the roar of booing from nearby crowds, said directly to the British public that he knew there would be many who were relieved and some who will be disappointed. You should know how disappointed I am to have to give up my best job. They're the breaks!"

Tobias Ellwood, Conservative Member of Parliament, stated to BBC Thursday that Johnson had "recognized what was being done, both to the party brand and our international stock," and that he decided to resign.

Johnson has been the victim of many scandals, including one involving Chris Pincher, a former minister in government who was accused of sexually assaulting two men. Johnson appointed Pincher as deputy chief whip, but the prime minister initially denied that he knew about the misconduct allegations against Pincher. Johnson's office altered the official account of what Pincher knew twice in the last week, as new information was discovered.

Johnson narrowly survived a vote of no confidence by his own party last month. He was arrested by police in April for violating COVID-19 regulations during Britain's pandemic lockdown.

Johnson seemed to remain defiant despite the resignation of dozens of his cabinet members on Wednesday

"Frankly, the prime minister's job in difficult circumstances, when given a colossal mandat, is to continue," he stated to the House of Commons of the British Parliament on Wednesday afternoon. "That's what it's going to do."

Johnson was repeatedly criticised during that meeting and many ministers from the opposition parties urged him to resign. The meeting was over when lawmakers were heard shouting "Bye Boris!"

The Pincher scandal seemed to be the final straw for those government officials who resigned Tuesday or Wednesday.

"Treading the thin line between loyalty and integrity is becoming impossible in recent months," Sajid Javid (ex-health minister) said during Wednesday's gathering of parliament.

Javid stated that he had given the prime Minister the benefit of doubt for the final time.

Johnson's nearly 3-year tenure as prime minister is likely to be most remembered for his successful eviction of Britain from the European Union. This was a cause Johnson had fought for and campaigned for since his last job as Mayor of London.

Johnson was appointed British Foreign Minister by Prime Minister Theresa May immediately after the 2016 referendum which saw U.K. voters approve of EU exit narrowly.

He resigned in 2018 from the post due to May's inability negotiate a Brexit deal.

May was forced to resign a year later after several of her Brexit proposals were rejected by members of her Conservative Party. Johnson was chosen to replace May. Johnson's EU Withdrawal Agreement with the British Parliament was approved in December 2019. The U.K. officially departed the European Union that month.



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