On Monday night, the Municipal Police arrested two teenagers accused of attacking another with a cutter in the neck during a brawl that occurred near the Hortaleza juvenile center, in Madrid, police sources have confirmed to Europa Press.

The detainees, aged 17 and 15, are of North African origin and were transferred to the Juvenile Group of the Judicial Police (Grume). The victim, a 17-year-old boy born in Gambia, suffered a cut to the neck. One of the attackers was also injured.

The event took place around 9:00 p.m. in a park near Virgen del Carmen de Hortaleza street. Several neighbors alerted the Police to a fight in which a dozen young North Africans were attacking a black boy, and that the attackers were using electric skateboards.

Shortly after, Municipal Police officers located several minors, one of them with blood on his hand, who claimed to have accidentally cut himself. Simultaneously, another police team went to the Hortaleza primary care center for minors, where they found several injured young Maghrebs.

Subsequently, a teenager born in Gambia arrived at the center claiming to have been attacked with a yellow cutter with a blade of approximately 12 centimeters, with which they tried to kill him by slitting his throat.

The Samur-Civil Protection paramedics who arrived at the scene treated a man with minor bruises in a basic ambulance at number 1 Valdetorres del Jarama Street at 10:42 p.m., who refused to be transferred to the hospital. And on Avenida Virgen del Carmen number 52, another individual with a hand injury who did not need to be evacuated, a Madrid Emergency spokeswoman told Europa Press.

The victim identified two of the young Maghrebs as his attackers, who were detained by the Municipal Police and transferred to the Group of Minors (GRUME) of the National Police after passing through the Ramón y Cajal Hospital. The agents found the cutter used in the attack in a garden of the shelter.

One of the educators at the center confessed to the local agents that the fight is the result of the “war that the Maghrebs have declared against the sub-Saharan blacks and other African countries,” according to what the newspaper ‘El Mundo’ published today.