Tulip fever at the foot of Pedraforca

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
20 April 2024 Saturday 17:02
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Tulip fever at the foot of Pedraforca

* The authors are part of the community of La Vanguardia readers

Tulip fever at the foot of Pedraforca. It is fashionable to photograph this emblematic mountain in spring with these showy flowers in the foreground, as we see in La Vanguardia's Readers' Photos.

I share these images taken in Saldes in the Berguedà region. In them we can see some happy photographs that we are missing. An explosion of colors in the shape of tulips with the Pedraforca as a backdrop and all of this framed by an intense blue sky without a single cloud, on a spring morning that invites you to enjoy a relaxing and beautiful spectacle at the same time.

It is a beautiful corner at the foot of the emblematic Pedraforca where there are 350 varieties of these bulbous flowers planted that have found the ideal place to bloom, since they need the contrast between cold winters and hot summers for their growth, characteristics that precisely found in this region.

We automatically associate tulips with the Netherlands, however it seems that they may be making a small place for themselves in this Catalan region.

At the same time we find some elements that adorn this beautiful natural corner, such as a bicycle, some clogs, a seesaw, several watering cans, strategically placed objects that visitors take advantage of to capture in their memories.

It is undoubtedly a joy for the eyes to be able to enjoy the burst of striking and varied colors during this season, briefly of course, since the freshness of the flowers is ephemeral and they will soon wither.

This is an idyllic, fantastic place, with the Pedraforca in the background and the flock of sheep grazing next to the tulip fields full of color.

This place is unique, in Berguedà, with the tulips and Pedraforca as a backdrop.