Trump returns to Washington and proclaims that he suffers persecution

Bomb News!, written by Evelyn Waugh.

26 July 2022 Tuesday 16:48
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Trump returns to Washington and proclaims that he suffers persecution

Bomb News!, written by Evelyn Waugh. No matter where the speech is, Donald Trump maintains his grievances, regardless of his collaborators or the interests of the party.

What started out as a speech on politics, it all ended around himself and his outburst against the congressional commission investigating the failed coup he led.

Quite a setup, according to him. And totally unfair when crime is allowed to roam and "nothing is done with other robberies," he remarked.

“What they are doing to me is to preserve their power, they are the same as the falsehood of Russia, Russia. What they want is to hurt me and that I cannot work for you anymore, ”she said.

"If I renounced my beliefs, if I agreed to remain silent, at home, the persecution of Donald Trump would end immediately," he insisted, words that led to applause from a public surrendered to his cause.

Despite boasting an unrivaled record of lying during his presidency, not everything Donald Trump says is false.

That January 20, 2021, after leaving through the back door of the White House, he said goodbye like this: “We will return in some way.” And he has complied.

Trump returned to Washington on Tuesday for the first time in 18 months. He left a capital traumatized by the attempted coup a few days before and returned, as if time had not passed, maintaining the same discourse of grievances, based on conspiracies, for all these months. He also continues to support the insurgents who occupied the Capitol under the banner he gave them to forcibly overturn the election result, as revealed by the committee's January 6 investigations.

The return took place at a conference, with a friendly atmosphere and surrender to his figure, set up by the America First Policy Institute, an entity created, financed and led by Trump supporters and former members of his government.

It was an organized event for the speaker to make "a political speech" to develop the agenda of the "next president" of the United States. Those gathered at the Marriott Marquis, on Massachusetts Avenue, wanted to hear confirmation that Trump is entering the electoral race, but this was not expected. Trump, who endears himself, who they say is going crazy to declare his candidacy as soon as possible, meets with the reluctance of the Republican Party, who fear a negative effect on the legislative elections in November if he anticipates that announcement.

The roadmap presented at the conference fits perfectly with the former president, who was described at the meeting as "the best in history." The agenda is tailor-made for him: few government regulations, more protection for his own trade, inflation and, of course, the wall with Mexico. The attendees, described by some as “the executive in waiting”, wanted this to serve as a demolition speech for the Biden Administration, but focused on the future.

In the betting it seemed clear that no political roadmap was going to stop Trump from circulating his lies about the November 2020 election.

According to Taylor Budowich, spokesman for the former president, his speech would focus on public safety, law and order.

No one doubted that he would capitalize on the vulnerabilities of his successor, but that he could avoid focusing on his lies to mitigate the electoral defeat. He didn't speak of the grand robbery, but the echo of it echoed through the room.

In an unintended coincidence, former Vice President Mike Pence also spoke Tuesday in Washington, after his participation in the Young America's Foundation had to be postponed on Monday due to weather problems.

So close and yet so far. This double intervention of the old government team, which ended like the rosary at dawn, underlined the drama in which the Republicans find themselves, with one part trapped in the past and the other scanning the horizon.

As Trump remains consumed by his falsehood, enraged at being the center of evil in the congressional investigation into the attack on Capitol Hill, Pence, another mulling a 2024 presidential run, implores to look ahead. "Some may choose to focus on the past, but elections are the future," Pence said, in a harsh criticism of his former boss.

"To win, we Conservatives need to do more than criticize and complain," he stressed.



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