TikTok star Remi Baer claims that a ranch won't allow her ride their horses because of her weight

Remi Bader is a TikTok celebrity known for her realistic clothing haul videos.

13 June 2022 Monday 15:19
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TikTok star Remi Baer claims that a ranch won't allow her ride their horses because of her weight

Remi Bader is a TikTok celebrity known for her realistic clothing haul videos. She claimed that a ranch refused to allow her to ride their horses during a recent trip she took with other influencers.

Bader, who has over 2 million followers on TikTok was in Montauk with other influencers during a Hampton Water Wine trip. She said that she was turned down.

Bader posted a video of the ranch in her first TikTok post Saturday. The text above it said "Shoutouts to Deep Hollow Ranch, Montauk, for making me leave, because I weigh more than 240." This video has been viewed over 1.5 million times. "I have never had this problem riding horses before." She requested that they advertise on future signs.

Deep Hollow Ranch did no immediate respond to email and phone inquiries for comment.

Two websites appear to be owned by the Ranch. One is a blog that it links to on its Facebook page. The blog contains a weight limit for horses. The guide says that a rider shouldn't be more than 15% of a horse's weight.

Bader has been open about her recent outpatient treatment for binge-eating disorder. She declined to comment further.

Bader shared a follow-up message on Sunday that said she wouldn't want to harm a small business. She said that she was stunned by how one of the ranch workers spoke to her and felt compelled share her story.

"I posted because I had to and it wasn't because I was denied the opportunity to ride horses. Yes, there are weight restrictions at some places and I wouldn't mind hurting the horses. But it was how I was treated by the owner and overall." she wrote.

Bader claimed that her negative experience was later supported by a video posted earlier by a ranch worker, "who made it very clear that they didn't want me there due to my weight and that that's very disappointing," she wrote in her Instagram story.

She posted a second TikTok video in which she reacts to @Broudy's video. Deep Hollow Ranch confirmed that Keogh is a "teenage worker" in a Facebook post.

TikTok user @Broudy.Keogh uses an insulting term to describe a plus-sized person in the video. He responds to Bader's video comment, "When you aren't a fat b ---- then you can ride at Deep Hollow Ranch."

Bader responded, "Imagine this being deep-hollow ranch's response"

Since then, the original video was deleted.

Deep Hollow Ranch posted a response to the TikTok video on its Facebook page, saying that it "in no manner represents nor is aligned to the views of the ranch owners."

Although the ranch didn't mention TikTok user @Broudy.Keogh, or Bader by name it did apologize to "anyone who was offended."

Hampton Water Wine, Co., who had organised a weekend of celebrations for influencers, stated that it was outraged at the treatment Bader received.

Jesse Bongiovi, cofounder of Hampton Water Wine, Co., stated in a statement that "we will not work again with Deep Hollow Ranch and do not condone any events that followed."

Hampton Water Wine declined to comment further.

Since then, the ranch has been subject to backlash online. This includes on its Yelp page and website. Many commented their responses about Bader's claim.

Bader said she was very open about her struggle with self-acceptance and that it makes those struggles more difficult.



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