This is the new life of Johnny Depp in the English countryside

About a year has passed since the moment Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saw each other in one of the most media trials in history.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
01 April 2023 Saturday 05:27
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This is the new life of Johnny Depp in the English countryside

About a year has passed since the moment Johnny Depp and Amber Heard saw each other in one of the most media trials in history. In June 2022, a jury in the state of Virginia handed down a judgment in favor of the actor. Since then, both protagonists have lived their lives away from the media spotlight. While Heard sought refuge with her family in a small town in Mallorca, the protagonist of the Pirates of the Caribbean saga has settled in a mansion in Somerset, a town in the southwest of England.

The life of the interpreter of films like Fantastic Beasts or Eduardo Manoscissorhands has taken a radical turn. Temporarily away from the cinema, he enjoys the peace and quiet of the English countryside. There he lives on an extensive 340-hectare estate, in which stands an imposing 19th-century mansion, valued at 14 million euros and which has twelve bedrooms, eight bathrooms and walled gardens. He bought it in 2014, shortly before marrying Amber in 2015.

After the great uproar caused by the defamation trial, Depp can now enjoy a certain anonymity and has decided to focus on one of his great passions, painting. In fact, he himself has given some hints about his new life in an interview with the local magazine Somerset Life, where he has starred in the special on April gardens. An interview in which he has revealed what his life is like there now.

"I love places with character. The British are great and greet you as if you were a neighbor, without exaggeration. I like to go places, see things and meet people, but I'm not the great extrovert that people think," he says in said interview. Depp defines himself as a "shy" person and that is why he says he has found the right place in Somerset. "That's one of the great things about Britain and especially Somerset. I can be myself and that's fine. I can go to the shops without being surrounded by people wanting selfies. That doesn't matter to me up to a point, but sometimes it is too much", he expresses, on the toughest face of fame.

One of her favorite things to do with her free time is antique shopping. One of the places she has recently visited is Hemswell Antique Centres, the largest in all of Europe where furniture, jewelery and decorative objects can be found. There she made a private visit. "He just wanted to relax and walk without being bombarded by the general public," said one of the business managers.

"He bought a lot of very fancy items. A desk chair, three guitars, paint sets, easels, some paintings, posters and a whole range of decorative items. He's a very down to earth and talkative person. To have someone like that walk through our doors It was great. I'm sure he'll come back," said the person in charge of the establishment.

It should be remembered that the actor is also a musician and has been a member of the band The Hollywood Vampires since 2012, along with Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, one of the members of the Aerosmith group. The formation arose to pay tribute to the music of deceased rock stars in the 70s. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Hollywood actor invests his free time in music and buying instruments for his musical projects.

As we have been saying, 2022 was a very hard year for the actor, who was the protagonist of a media trial where his private life was exposed to a large extent, as well as his stormy relationship with Amber Heard, who accused him of mistreatment and harassment. . Ultimately, he won the legal battle, and the actress was convicted of defamation. The jury also ruled that the 36-year-old should pay him $15 million. "She has brought me back to life," Depp said at the end of the trial. Without a doubt, his new life in the United Kingdom will bring him peace and stability.