This is how Ainhoa ​​Pareja has changed, from a warrior in 'GH5' to a lover of calm and feng shui

Big Brother was a real revolution on Spanish television.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
17 March 2023 Friday 00:28
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This is how Ainhoa ​​Pareja has changed, from a warrior in 'GH5' to a lover of calm and feng shui

Big Brother was a real revolution on Spanish television. A format that today has a legion of followers even though it is not currently being broadcast, and that in our country reached a fifth edition for the first time in 2003. An edition that would not go without pain or glory, but rather to publicize to the world to one of the best contestants of the format: Pepe Herrero.

They call him 'the reality show killer', and one of the things that Pepe knew how to do, in addition to playing masterfully to win the contest, was to find love. He did it together with Ainhoa ​​Pareja, an unexpected romance, given the totally opposite personalities of each one, but which knew how to arouse madness among the spectators.

Pepe Herrero met Ainhoa ​​in Big Brother: The Reunion (2010), after she had become a proper name after her time on Big Brother 5, where she became known. Both became absolute protagonists of the edition, where they made clear their enormous complicity.

A love that crossed the screens and was partly to blame for making Pepe the winner, who continued his intense romance with Ainhoa ​​once outside the house of Guadalix de la Sierra.

A relationship that both would maintain for two and a half years, but that unfortunately would not end as either of them -much less their followers- would have expected. The breakup and its details ended up on several television shows, with both giving all kinds of details about their disastrous life together.

Ainhoa ​​became a regular with spaces of the heart, assuring that the moment of their separation had a very bad time and accusing the man from Madrid of not giving him "the love and affection" he needed at that time, causing significant weight loss. Her words on television dynamited all kinds of friendship possibilities between the two.

A few years in which Ainhoa ​​enjoyed television fame and fortune after her controversial confrontations with characters of the stature of Aída Nízar, but which, as always, made her pay a price that she surely did not expect due to media pressure.

Before beginning her relationship with Pepe Herrero, Ainhoa ​​was already a famous person herself. Her passing through the fifth edition of Big Brother - which Nuria Yánez, 'Strawberry' ended up winning - gave her the springboard to fame that she surely did not expect.

Her strong character and clarity when it came to raising her voice if she didn't like things made her become a favorite with the audience, which made her a finalist.

A young woman who opened the doors to a new world, television, which for someone who entered the competition working as a telemarketer, meant a whole life change, becoming a talk show host on Mediaset programs such as By your side or Crónicas Marcianas, the most successful of the time. She also took her first steps as a model, she was a bowling star and came to pose wearing her charms, earning a cover in the now-defunct Interviú magazine. A whole revolution that she continued after entering Big Brother: The Reunion, where she met Pepe Herrero.

A turbulent relationship that was ending, as well as the television career of Ainhoa ​​Pareja, who has appeared on television very rarely since then. The life of the woman from Madrid is totally different today, and she enjoys her anonymity working happily in her flower shop in the Madrid town of Fuenlabrada, a professional project that follows the philosophy of feng shui decoration and the oxygenation of spaces.

The woman from Madrid lives her quiet life, and shares details of her day to day through her social networks, being quite active on Instagram, where she often posts images of her beloved plants.

The one who was a finalist on Big Brother 5 happily enjoys her day-to-day life with her husband, Txema, whom she met a decade ago; and hers two "babies" of hers, the nice dogs Lola and Pícara, protagonists of many of her publications. The family spends their free time enjoying travel and good food, which they do not hesitate to share with their followers.

Having seen what has been seen, it is clear that life smiles on the woman from Madrid, and she has achieved success away from the cameras, as well as travel and good food, which the woman from Madrid does not hesitate to share with her followers. The Madrilenian seems to have achieved success and happiness away from the cameras.