The stone has touched us

Luck has once again passed the door of my house and has not deigned to enter.

22 December 2022 Thursday 20:36
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The stone has touched us

Luck has once again passed the door of my house and has not deigned to enter. Well, the luck of the Christmas lottery, of course. Because, surely, in other aspects, I consider myself a more than lucky man despite being born on a Tuesday and the thirteenth. It's not like he invests large amounts of money in making me fall for the fat. With what I spend I can't aspire to much, but the innocent concept of illusion is something free and it is not inversely proportional to the money that can be allocated.

Having said this, whoever is not consoled is because they do not want to. The number that we have played in La Vanguardia has benefited from the famous stoning. You know, those numbers with smaller prizes to which the children of San Ildefonso respond in a monotonous and listless way with the popular “thousand euros”. If you play a tenth of the stone, it is 100 euritos.

Undoubtedly, the best thing about this annual lottery party, beyond verifying once again that we will continue to be poor, is enjoying the human stories of those who do have a hard time and receive financial amounts that can change their lives. There is nothing more exciting for a journalist than discovering strangers who live or have gone through innumerable problems and who suddenly discover that chance opens up new opportunities for them. Like Ibrahim Kanteh and his wife, Bintu Karaga, who appear on our cover today because he came to Europe in a boat after a long journey from Gambia and the luck of the lottery will allow them to develop their different occupations: him as a musician and she in her seamstress workshop. Surely there will also be rich people who will have won some prize, but these are not used to making themselves known. The joy of the modest is the best announcement of the lottery advertisers for the following year.

And for those who always see conspiracy theories, the Community of Madrid has won 158 million in prizes this year and that of Catalonia almost 157. There has been practically a tie. It's not bad at all and everyone is happy. Even if it's with a stone.



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