The sales bring 200,000 contracts: what are companies looking for and where

The sales campaign will bring an increase in job creation.

02 January 2023 Monday 04:42
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The sales bring 200,000 contracts: what are companies looking for and where

The sales campaign will bring an increase in job creation. With the impulse of the search for low prices, 202,000 contracts will be signed nationwide, 9.3% more than in the same discount period of 2022, according to Adecco.

After a fairly moderate increase in hiring at Christmas (8%), "in the sales there is a forecast of higher and more concentrated consumption than during the holidays, due to the offers and the decrease in prices that encourage purchases" , comments Juan Francisco Rodríguez, director of Adecco Staffing. Thus, recruitment forecasts are more optimistic. The push will reach 15% year-on-year in the regions with the most dynamism, although last year the restrictions due to the pandemic were still noticeable.

There are sectors that will win. Mass consumption (perfumery, cosmetics, toys, electronics, telephony, food...), customer service and sales will be the most dynamic. "Companies are looking for clerks, cashiers, promoters, commercials, telemarketers and hostesses," he details.

E-commerce will also boost technology, food, distribution, retail, logistics and transportation. Workers are requested above all for the last mile, the final delivery stage of the product: packers, waiters, order pickers or forklift drivers.

In a similar vein, the distribution targets replenishers, stock managers or cashiers and workers in charge of transportation

Catalonia will lead the contracts with 34,840 contracts, 12% more than in the 2022 campaign. Behind will be the Valencian Community (more than 28,350 contracts, 9.5%) and Madrid (27,850 contracts, 15%). To close the top five positions, it is necessary to move to the 24,700 contracts in Andalusia and the 24,600 in Murcia.

Although employment is growing in all the autonomous regions, the ones that will generate the least will be the Balearic Islands and Extremadura, with some 500 contracts and an increase of 6%. Somewhat better will be Cantabria (2,948 contracts, 6%), Asturias (1,951, 6%) and La Rioja (1,420, 5%).

In the case of Catalonia, Barcelona will concentrate the majority of employment, with 27,000 contracts, 13% more. Tarragona will sign 3,300 contracts, 8% more, followed by Girona (3,200, 9%) and Lleida, with 1,300 (8%).

It is the first campaign with the latest changes to the labor reform in force, which "has caused a change in the type of contracts." The discontinuous permanent contracts will have a relatively low weight, with 10% and half that in the Christmas campaign, while the remaining 90% will be temporary. This is because the sales are "a very specific contracting period and of short duration and, also, because the sales contracting depends a lot on how sales evolve." If the purchases pull, "temporary contracts will be used to assume that greater volume of work."



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