The red line of the Rambla

Laura Borràs is in the process of digestion.

Thomas Osborne
Thomas Osborne
19 August 2022 Friday 16:33
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The red line of the Rambla

Laura Borràs is in the process of digestion. “She has to digest that she is no longer the second authority in Catalonia”. It is the diagnosis of Junts about a defeat. Traced to the one launched from ERC during the negotiation for the investiture of Pere Aragonès: "Together they have to digest that they have lost and they have to do it now". Defeat in politics is always an orphan and Borràs, who vindicates her own voice, advances dangerously towards isolation in Junts.

“The president never fails”, celebrated the court of followers on Twitter after the act of homage to the victims of the 17-A attacks. But, according to her own party, she did fail. She failed because the controversy surrounding her popular exhibition drowned out the tribute to the victims on the Rambla. And he failed because what has been installed among the post-convergent ranks is a "deep feeling of shame" that is difficult to reverse.

At Junts they believe that what Borràs was looking for once the act was over was not “the truth” about the attacks claimed on the posters. The shouts of “president, president” and hers “thank you for being, I put up with it, I put up with it” while hugging members of the group that starred in the protest screeched. There are numerous and notorious people who believe that Borràs crossed the red line on the Rambla. "Enough". This is how they transferred it to Jordi Turull and the terms were not as cordial as when they asked him to leave the presidency of the Parliament when he was suspended.

The party condemned the boycott of the minute of silence and there was a slogan for their visible faces to join the condemnation. Carles Puigdemont did it immediately, like a disciplined militant. The condemnation tweet became the punishment for Borràs. It was the kindest thing, because, behind closed doors, the condemnation was of the president's "excessive ego", her "narcissism" and desire to appear... Even her attempt to justify herself 24 hours later sounded like a "cynical play on words". ” to avoid his “mistake”.

"Why am I the protagonist?" Borràs wondered the next day. He fights his own battle and has less and less to do with the interests of the party he presides over. The "does not represent me" within Junts is no exception. He jumped from mobile to mobile. And Turull's discreet containment strategy has reached the end of the road on the Rambla. In the executive they ask for decisions "whatever they cost". They maintain that only when Borràs's role in the party that will now pay his salary is resolved, Junts will be able to take steps forward and at the same time preserve the defense of the formation of the institutional framework.

Unlike Borràs, Turull lives oblivious to the desire for notoriety. If the president declares herself born on 1-O, Turull insists over and over again that it went well because “everyone preferred to be more useful than important. There was no war of egos or protagonism ”, he explained at the Universitat Catalana d’Estiu in Prada in full controversy. But he does need to impose himself to recover political spaces abandoned after the fall of Convergència occupied by ERC and take advantage, incidentally, of the fright of Àngels Chacón in Centrem. The former Minister is extending his mantle of command with the municipal elections on the horizon, although the great debate is how to give continuity to the pact with the Republicans.

ERC has imposed its strategy on the Govern and in Junts they remember that the "management" was not the spirit of their agreement. The general policy debate at the end of September will be the key. "If everything continues the same, ERC will make it very difficult for us," they admit in the direction. If Junts chooses to remain in the Govern, and few doubt it despite the difficulties, a remodeling of the Consell Executiu in search of greater leadership of Junts among its ministers can be seen on the calendar. And then the interpretations would arrive in an electoral key, even if half of the legislature remains ahead.

There Borràs trades down. Her judicial calendar will rarely allow her to be a candidate again, she has lost both stages of the Junts congress and "the Rambla thing did not go well for her", she underlined. Her phone continues to boil thanks to social networks, but calls linked to political relevance can start to wear off. She crossed the red line of the Rambla...