The importance of coverage: MAPFRE gives you the keys to car insurance

Choosing which model of car we are going to buy usually requires a time of reflection.

22 December 2022 Thursday 03:37
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The importance of coverage: MAPFRE gives you the keys to car insurance

Choosing which model of car we are going to buy usually requires a time of reflection. Often, we spend a period of information, comparing features and prices, before making a final decision. But curiously, when taking out vehicle insurance we do not do the same and we get carried away too much by the price without taking into account that the most important thing is the coverage.

Not all insurances are the same, and the coverages are the key to distinguish between them. For this reason, to guarantee our peace of mind, MAPFRE has the most comprehensive insurance on the market.

The leading insurer in the car market today has a market share of 20% and more than 6 million insured vehicles. Its wide offer – ranging from basic third-party insurance to all-risk insurance with or without excess – allows each driver to find the option that best suits their needs. In addition, continuing with their desire for constant innovation, they already have specific insurance for electric vehicles called Gama Cambio.

If there is one thing that sets MAPFRE car insurance apart, it is that it is a true “360º product”, created to be at the client's side 24 hours a day, seven days a week, providing them with complete peace of mind.

Its extensive network of offices guarantees that we will always have a physical meeting point, where we can answer any questions or procedures related to our insurance and obtain all the information we need at all times. In addition, MAPFRE has 24-hour online service, both by phone and through the App.

One of the main elements that make the difference in quality of service compared to other similar proposals is, without a doubt, its network of Distinguished Workshops, which allows any claim to be managed quickly and efficiently. This network also offers a lifetime guarantee on the repair of our vehicle and, in the meantime, gives us another courtesy one, so that we can continue moving normally during the repair period. Likewise, MAPFRE car insurance provides roadside assistance from kilometer zero, wherever our vehicle is; something unusual to find among the offers in the sector.

When an accident occurs, the company is responsible for moving the vehicle the same day to the designated workshop, at a distance of up to 150 kilometers. If the chosen workshop is further away, they are also in charge of taking it to the destination point, within a maximum period between

3 and 5 days. Its service extends to all types of roads, even those considered "unsuitable", such as forest tracks, thus differentiating itself from the majority of proposals that do not usually cover assistance outside paved roads.

In addition, with MAPFRE's geolocation service, the customer who needs assistance can obtain fast and top-quality service. The company has nearly 2,200 tow trucks spread throughout Spain, 47 workshop vehicles and 239 parking tow trucks to ensure that they are close to the driver at all times and anywhere. And thanks to their "door-to-door" service, they can pick up the vehicle at our home, in the event of an accident, to take it to be repaired, and take a replacement one home.

MAPFRE's Automobile Service Centers offer comprehensive vehicle repair management, something truly unique in the Spanish insurance sector. The 39 centers that they have in Spain have the mission of simplifying all the procedures derived from an accident. Customers can leave their vehicles in them, so that the company takes care of everything necessary until they are in perfect condition. In addition, they guarantee the repair of "sheet metal and paint" for as long as the vehicle is insured with them.

MAPFRE also provides great advantages in the disbursement of installments. Its Payment Plan allows you to combine all the policies (auto, health, life, etc.) that the client has contracted with the insurer in a single monthly receipt, in which the total amount of each of the insurances is divided to facilitate a better management of the domestic economy.

The Loyalty Plan is, without a doubt, the most complete on the market. It has gifts, discounts, tax advice and the "I take care" service, thanks to which the company is in charge of carrying out all kinds of bureaucratic and day-to-day procedures on behalf of the client.

In addition, the Family Plan allows you to group the insurance of all the members of the same family so that they can benefit from discounts for bonding, as well as other value-added services associated with your loyalty plan.

In case of total loss, the first and second year, they offer a valuation of 100% of the price of the new car; and the third, 80%. In addition, they do not apply any depreciation to tire parts, nor do they impose any limit on the number of parts to be repaired.

MAPFRE offers the largest driver coverage on the market, with up to 30,000 euros in the event of death or disability, expandable up to 250,000 euros. The company also compensates for bodily damage suffered by the driver as a result of an accident that causes his death, permanent disability or health care expenses.

To this must be added coverage for damage to the vehicle due to atmospheric phenomena such as hail, hail, snow, wind (more than 80 km/h), rain (more than 40 l/m2) and impact of objects caused by said phenomena (if they are considered extraordinary events, they would be covered by the Consortium). All this without applying franchise. The insurance also covers damages in the event of accidental run over by some hunting species of big game, such as wild boar, mountain goats, deer, roe deer, fallow deer, etc., and also without excess.

MAPFRE rewards good drivers, allowing points to be accumulated with each trip if driving habits are good. Through the CaReward App, customers can earn rewards and save money on their policy renewal. The points obtained are used to obtain up to a 15% discount on the first renewal of the insurance, based on driving a minimum number of km and distances covered; and also other prizes, such as car washes, gasoline checks or discounts on car rentals.

In short, MAPFRE's experience in this field confirms that factors such as the extent of coverage, additional services, methods of payment or loyalty plans can end up substantially determining our experience as drivers. That is why it is important that the choice of auto insurance is a duly contrasted and thoughtful decision that allows us to find the option tailored to our needs.



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