The husband of the alleged lover of Prince William opens trust in court

The day of the coronation of King Carlos III, scheduled for, is approaching.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
31 March 2023 Friday 06:29
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The husband of the alleged lover of Prince William opens trust in court

The day of the coronation of King Carlos III, scheduled for, is approaching. Days before this great moment in the history of the British monarchy, Charles III has made a new appointment promoting the Marquis of Cholmondeley, friend and neighbor of Prince William in Norfolk, as his new private secretary (or Lord-in-waiting, in English); as announced by Richard Eden in the Daily Mail newspaper.

An appointment that is somewhat controversial given the circumstance that the aristocrat is the husband of Rose Hanbury, who has been rumored for months that she could have an extramarital relationship with Prince William himself.

A position that the Marquis de Cholmondeley, 62, will hold from the next few days. As the king's permanent private secretary, the marquess will attend important royal and state engagements; in addition to representing the king in various official acts, such as welcoming foreign leaders to the country.

His appointment implies his participation in the coronation day, which will be attended by the princes of Wales along with at least two of their three children. Until now, the marquess held the official position of Lord High Chamberlain, which among other things involved wearing his crown at the opening of Parliament. Upon the Queen's death, the position passed to the Baron Carrington.

The Marquess of Cholmondeley is an old acquaintance of the British royal family. Born Viscount Malpas, he became Earl of Rocksavage in 1968, becoming known as the 7th Marquess of Cholmondeley in 1900. In 2009, he married model Rose Hanbury, 39 -23 his junior - whom he met in 2003 during a vacation in Italy. The couple have three children: twins Alexander, Earl of Rocksavage, and Oliver, Lord Cholmondeley; and little Iris.

Both currently reside at Houghton Hall, Norfolk; just six kilometers from the country residence of the princes of Wales, Anmer Hall. The two couples are the protagonists of a never-confirmed rumor that would reveal the relationship between Prince William and the current Marquise of Cholmondeley.

Hanbury and Kate Middleton would have been friends long ago, but that friendship, according to the tabloids, was cut short by the first rumors of an affair between her husband and her friend. As several UK tabloids point out, including the Daily Mail, The Mirror or The Sun, this alleged relationship would have lasted several years and would even have coincided with the princess's third pregnancy.

What's more, the tabloids went a step further and came to publish that the son of Carlos III gave the aristocrat a pearl necklace for Valentine's Day, and that he was even thinking about Middleton's divorce. However, now there is no trace of such information in the tabloids. All of them withdrew their articles on the subject. Something that has caught everyone's attention, since you have to dig around to find information about it.

There are many who have sought an explanation for the fact that all traces of this rumor have disappeared from the information sector in the United Kingdom. One of the hypotheses being considered is that Buckingham has appealed to the so-called 'super-injuction', a legal tool that is used in very specific situations to silence the media. This privacy law makes it possible to hide certain information that violates privacy, regardless of its veracity.

This theory is not far-fetched, considering that these events have already occurred before. It already happened in 2019, at which time the alleged idyll between Prince William and Rose Habury began to be discussed when the alleged relationship between William and Rose came to the fore. Then, a photograph of the two was leaked at a private party, in a suspiciously affectionate attitude and, since then, they have not been seen together again.