The 'green' has a prize: loans and aid to buy an electric car

Having an electric car has many advantages.

30 September 2022 Friday 02:38
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The 'green' has a prize: loans and aid to buy an electric car

Having an electric car has many advantages. But… Are drivers aware of this? The data from Anfac, the employers' association of automobile manufacturers, confirms the little interest in low-emission vehicles. Until August, 17,789 electrified registrations were registered. These numbers contrast with those of supply, which has been growing exponentially in recent years. The production of these cars now accounts for 11.4% of the total, with 159,843 units, which represents a growth of 22.9% over a year earlier.

Leading change and pursuing care for the environment has a reward. Of course, the main obstacle is that the prices of these vehicles are still much higher than those of conventional ones. For this reason, even with savings, it is common to need additional financing. Not in vain, experts from the financial comparator confirm that financing for vehicles with this label is cheaper and, in addition, drivers can benefit from various public aid that facilitate the purchase.

From HelpMyCash they recommend comparing at least three credits from banks and finance companies (assess both those with a specific purpose and generic personal loans), as well as dealers. In this way, it will be possible to check who offers the best conditions.

Among the best green loan offers to finance the purchase of an eco car, is the BBVA Ecological Car Loan. This is a credit that allows financing the purchase of a sustainable vehicle (electric or plug-in hybrid) from 3,000 euros to 75,000 euros. It has no opening commission and has a very competitive interest rate, which ranges from 4.95% TIN (Nominal Interest Rate) and an annual equivalent rate (APR) of 5.23% with a payroll or pension domiciled in BBVA.

The experts of the comparator warn that loans with a green purpose are not always the best option. It so happens that the Cofidis New Personal Car Loan offers between 6,000 and 60,000 euros to finance the purchase of a car, whether eco or not. The minimum TIN is 5.25% and the lowest APR is 5.38%. However, the final interest will depend on the amount requested and the repayment period.

The same goes for the Bank Norweigan Personal Loan loan. It can be requested for any type of personal project, among which is the purchase of a car. It presents a reduced interest of 5.99% NIR (6.16% APR), although the one that is finally applied will depend on the profile and the purpose. It has no opening or early repayment commissions and does not require opening an account with the entity to contract the loan.

In Spain there are different state plans that seek to facilitate the acquisition of an electric or hybrid: the Plan to Promote the Value Chain of the Automotive Industry and the MOVES III Plan.

To find out in detail the conditions and how to access state plans or even possible local aid, it is advisable to go to the administration where each driver is registered. It so happens that the autonomies are in charge of organizing the calls and publishing the new ones on their web pages once the budget of those that are active has run out.



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