The great technological takeoff comes with 5G

The technological development experienced in recent months is opening up innumerable opportunities for digitalization to take off in the business world.

24 May 2022 Tuesday 12:20
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The great technological takeoff comes with 5G

The technological development experienced in recent months is opening up innumerable opportunities for digitalization to take off in the business world. The arrival of fifth generation or 5G mobile networks represents an unprecedented leap for business transformation by enabling technologies and applications capable of analyzing data from millions of connected devices and helping to make better decisions. Enterprise digitization is key to business resilience and to compete globally.

5G goes beyond bandwidth and capacity to create new industry-specific use cases. 5G is a technology that provides higher data speeds, less latency, more density of connected devices and greater mobility and security. In addition, the use of 5G in the company is also closely related to sustainability, since it allows the development of technological solutions that promote lower energy consumption.

The emergence of 5G is allowing Telefónica Tech to implement, among other things, private connectivity networks inside company buildings and create more secure and reliable environments where information does not leave the premises.

Likewise, 5G also has the ability to boost IoT and Big Data technologies to support very high volumes of sensor readings and analyze information at high speed. Something that will be fundamental in the development of smart cities, where in the future everything will be connected with the aim of achieving more efficient management of infrastructures and making life more comfortable for citizens, as well as in smart agriculture and services public.

5G networks will also be essential in those cases where real-time data and video collection, rapid response and instant analysis are needed, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, robotics and remote control. of autonomous vehicles.

In this sense, 5G can transform the world of education by creating more didactic learning methods for students using virtual reality and augmented reality or go one step further in the health sector by processing medical images with augmented reality and optimize resources thanks to the implementation of different technologies.

But, without a doubt, the development of 5G will have an outstanding impact on the industrial sector. The digital transformation of the industrial world has been based on the maturity of a set of technologies such as 5G, AI, Cloud, Blockchain and Edge Computing. The sensorization of the factory devices allows the information they collect to be extracted and analyzed together with other data sources to draw conclusions and take measures aimed at reducing costs and increasing the profitability of companies.

In this case, Telefónica Tech is also applying Artificial Intelligence in the industrial sector so that workers stop doing repetitive tasks and focus on those with greater added value and for the deployment of intelligent robots, such as AGVs (guided vehicles). automatic) or drones, which favor predictive maintenance techniques, as well as surveillance and inspection in factories, shortening execution times and reducing risks to humans.

The technological boost brought about by the deployment of 5G will continue to accelerate the digitization of companies in the coming years. The development of technologies such as IoT, 5G and Artificial Intelligence are allowing an unprecedented digital transformation, but also a greater digital exposure that must be mitigated with a solid cybersecurity policy regardless of the size and sector of activity of the company.

To this end, Telefónica Tech has developed a pioneering cybersecurity service for SMEs (Your Secure Company), which for the first time brings together cybersecurity tools, training, remote support and advice. And count on NextDefense to protect large enterprises from cyberattacks with managed detection and response, risk-based vulnerability management, and threat intelligence solutions.

Telefónica Tech has also been strengthening its technological capabilities since its creation in November 2019 with alliances with the big players in the cloud sector and through the acquisition of leading companies to consolidate its leadership in technological services.

In 2020, Telefónica Tech acquired the consulting firm Govertis and the training and training company for cybersecurity professionals iHackLabs. And in the last year, coinciding with the acceleration of the digital transformation brought about by the pandemic in the business world, Telefónica Tech has integrated acens (Cloud company focused on SMEs belonging to the Telefónica Group since 2011) and has bought Geprom (automation company industrial and digital transformation of the existing production processes in the factory), as well as four companies specialized mainly in the Cloud, since the migration of workloads to the cloud is the first step in the digitalization of a business.




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