The ERC executive begins in full debate on the renewal of the management

The ERC executive has been meeting since 6:00 p.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 May 2024 Tuesday 22:22
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The ERC executive begins in full debate on the renewal of the management

The ERC executive has been meeting since 6:00 p.m. this afternoon, one day after the president of the party, Oriol Junqueras, offered to continue leading the formation despite the poor results of 12-M and two days after the move to the side of the president of the Generalitat and candidate of the formation, Pere Aragonès, who announced on Monday that he would abandon politics while asking that Esquerra also assume “collective responsibilities.” .

The next day, Oriol Junqueras published a letter in which he offered to lead the renewal of the party from the presidency after the poor results that he himself admitted.

However, and according to ACN, the general secretary, Marta Rovira, believes that these elections end a political cycle and is betting on a replacement that would pass through both her and Junqueras.

Aragonès stressed on Monday that he would abandon the “first political line” out of “responsibility.” But he added that the party would also have to assume “collective responsibilities.” All eyes turned to Junqueras, head of ERC.

However, in his letter made public the following day, the president of the party assured that he feels “strong” to continue working for the country, and “from the place determined by ERC militancy, through the highest sovereign bodies.” of the corresponding party.”

Junqueras still believes that his opportunity has not come. His entourage remembers that he could only present himself as the head of the list with “full powers” ​​in the 2012 elections. At the next call, in 2015, ERC presented itself within the JxSI coalition. And in 2017 Junqueras was at the head of the list, but he was imprisoned. In the 2021 elections the candidate was already Aragonés, like this 2024, with Junqueras still disqualified.

Junqueras, therefore, wants to maintain the leadership of ERC. But that clashes with his general secretary, Marta Rovira, who is committed to a “calm transition” in management. A leisurely relay, without much fanfare. Rovira, according to ACN, also makes a different reading of the future that she has to assume for her part. The general secretary does not rule out that ERC needs a replacement, also in the direction - presidency and general secretary included -, to make way for new leadership.

The intense debate occurs at the same time that Esquerra must decide what role it is going to play in the new Catalan political scenario in which the presidency of the socialist Salvador Illa is in its hands. Precisely, former deputy Joan Tardà spoke out this morning on the matter and said that he believes that ERC should collaborate with the PSC.

However, ERC sources indicated that Joan Tardà does not currently represent any current within the party and that his statements only obey his personal criteria.