The cheapest fiber rates for May 2024 | Pay what is fair and necessary

The three cheapest fiber offers to change operators in May correspond to Finetwork, with a rate of 100 Mb for 22.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
14 May 2024 Tuesday 04:37
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The cheapest fiber rates for May 2024 | Pay what is fair and necessary

The three cheapest fiber offers to change operators in May correspond to Finetwork, with a rate of 100 Mb for 22.9 euros per month, Gelpiu, with 300 Mb for 23.9 euros, and Lowi, with 300 Mb for 24 .95 euros. None of the three include a free landline, and to get this service you will have to go to the next option by price, which corresponds to MásMóvil (24.99 euros for the first year).

The comparator prepares this ranking by choosing the cheapest rate to contract Internet at home from the more than 20 telecommunications companies contracted from its tool. The analysis includes packages with coverage in the majority of the national territory and is ordered by annual price: that is, taking into account the promotions of the first months and coinciding with the most common period of stay.

Finetwork's 100 Mb offer leads the comparison of cheap fiber offers in May. With a basic speed, Vodafone coverage and no landline add-ons, its price of 22.9 euros remains unchanged from the first month. By hiring it you will assume a 12-month commitment that you can avoid by paying the installation costs (96.8 euros).

You can get triple the speed (300 Mb) for just one euro more with Gelpiu, which also uses Vodafone coverage. The minimum time to stay in the company if you do not want to have to pay anything upon cancellation is 12 months.

Lowi offers an improvement compared to the previous proposals: like Gelpiu, its most basic rate has 300 Mb and the landline is not even marketed by the Vodafone brand, but instead of a year of commitment, after three months you will be able to give yourself discharge without penalties. This reduction implies an extra mandatory expense that the rest of the cheap fiber proposals on the list avoid: the installation of the line will cost you 30 euros – on the other hand, 120 euros less than what this procedure actually costs.

MásMóvil is the company that offers the highest speed in the ranking, reaching 500 Mb and also distancing itself from the top 3 because, for the first time in the table, with the fiber contract you will also have a landline phone line with unlimited calls to other landlines National calls – international calls, to mobile phones or to special rate numbers – are charged separately. The contract in May is reduced by seven euros: in the first 12 invoices they will charge you 24.99 euros and, after the first year - the duration of the minimum commitment - the price rises to 31.99 euros. In total, the reduction amounts to 84 euros.

Butik also applies a discount that lasts for a whole year and thus coincides with the permanence period. You will start by paying 25 euros per month and once the promotion ends the fee increases to 30, so by then you will have saved 60 euros. Once again you will have a free landline, which in addition to unlimited calls to other landlines includes an hour to talk to mobile phones.

Simyo offers a symmetrical 300 Mb fiber without a landline, ideal for those looking for high speed without the need for a landline. With a duration of 12 months, your fiber service costs €25.99/month.

Jazztel's service includes 300 Mb fiber and a fixed line, offering a complete solution for the home with high speed and telephone services, without permanence for €26.95/month.

300 Mb symmetrical with a landline for a monthly amount of €27/month, perfect for families, with premium technical support and no commitment to permanence, guaranteeing a stable and complete internet experience.

Vodafone offers 300 Mb symmetrical with a landline, ideal for users looking to combine high speed with the additional benefits of telephony and digital entertainment. The Vodafone fiber service has a monthly cost of €27/month with a 12-month commitment.

Excom provides 300 Mb fiber with a fixed line, aimed at rural areas, offering robust connectivity and telephone services at affordable prices. It has a permanence period of 12 months in which you will pay €27.99/month.

Today, three out of every 10 households do without a landline according to the latest Household Panel of the National Markets and Competition Commission (CNMC) and only 0.7% have contracted only for this service, which is almost always It is linked to an Internet line. If you can do without calling from home and are satisfied with having minutes on your mobile to talk, you can contract Internet without a landline at Finetwork, Gelpiu, Lowi (leaders of the May comparison of cheapest fiber), Simyo, Digi and Virgin telco.

Yes, some companies are cutting the minimum time commitment on their fiber-only tariffs from 12 to three months, as is the case with Lowi, Simyo and Digi. Others directly eliminate this condition: O2, Vodafone Yu –in seventh and eighth places in the table-, Orange in its cheapest fiber plan (30 euros), Movistar in all its packages (from 31.9 euros) and Pepephone, without landline or permanence, which, however, does not allow contracting only Internet and requires the user to also be a mobile customer.

On the other hand, remember that when canceling your rate you will have to return the equipment that has been assigned to you - for example, the router - complying with the times established by your contract if you do not want to end up being charged with or without completed stay.

If in addition to the Internet you have a mobile line, or want pay TV, the most common thing is that contracting everything with the same operator is the cheapest option, since telecoms usually offer discounts on their services if they are purchased packaged. So you can calculate, adding an extra line to the top 10 cheap fiber offers of the month costs an average of seven euros per month, and in some cases the additional expense is only two euros, probably cheaper than contracting it separately.

The most basic fiber offers start at 100 megabits per second (Mbps or directly Mb). This speed already exceeds the 20 Mb offered by ADSL rates, close to disappearance, and is more than enough to make downloads, video calls or share content. However, when measuring the fiber speed you need, you must consider that:

We have already discussed the most important characteristics in fiber offers: price, speed, permanence or landline. In addition to all of them, before registering you must make sure that the fine print does not hold any surprises for us. On the one hand, you have to make sure you know the limits of our new operator's promotions: does the discount last the same as the permanence, or am I only going to get a cheap fiber price for three months, while I am obliged to stay for a year ? Are they going to give me a service that interests me, but that will not last long, and will force me to pay a significant extra later to keep it? These types of doubts should be clarified and taken into account in your calculations before hiring.

Now with all the information on the table, you can review the alternatives on the market. The Kelisto studio sticks with the cheapest fiber, but if your main requirement is, for example, getting a lot of fiber speed, you will have to expand the selection by comparing the current prices of offers that meet your needs. To save you time searching there are price comparators, free tools that bring together the proposals of many operators with information on each one and that can make your decision easier.