The best motorhome for beginners and tight budgets

As happened at the time with the surprise of SUVs over minivans, campers seem to win the registration battle against motorhomes.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
11 May 2024 Saturday 22:30
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The best motorhome for beginners and tight budgets

As happened at the time with the surprise of SUVs over minivans, campers seem to win the registration battle against motorhomes. In 2023, 20.8% more camper vans were sold compared to 2022, while the motorhome market fell by 5.1%. The high price of the latter may also be a reason that justifies the greater interest in the hooded body models.

The capuchin motorhomes are the access versions of any brand, so they serve as an initiation portal for new campers and families with a tighter purchasing power. Its construction is simpler than that of a profiled or integral model, which requires more adaptation to the cabin and uses more sophisticated materials.

The presence of the upper bed, above the pilot and co-pilot seats, creates a slightly aerodynamic and elegant silhouette. Furthermore, the furniture and equipment in this segment fits the simplest budgets and, however, its practicality is one of the key points of “humpback” motorhomes. In this article we will discover its advantages and some interesting models on the current market.

The size of the nasturtium motorhomes can be impressive, but they are not that far from the rest of a brand's catalogue. For example, the Adria Coral XL Acces, the most economical model with a Citroën chassis, measures 6.99 meters long by 2.29 m wide and 3.07 m high. The Adria Matrix Acces, which is profiled or crossover, measures 7.29 meters long, the same width and 2.90 m high.

It is in the height, therefore, where we will notice the most significant differences compared to other motorhome silhouettes, but there is a reason. The nasturtiums always have a double bed above the front seats, it is fixed and is accessed through the dining room and with a ladder. In the back they can have another transverse bed, twin beds and even bunk beds for traveling with children, with space for 6 people easily.

Unlike profiled or integral ones, with nasturtiums you do not have to be assembling and disassembling the second bed, but logically it takes up permanent space and affects the aerodynamics of the model. The front hump increases the aerodynamic coefficient and, therefore, the consumption of the Capuchin motorhomes. If it is a couple, it can also be used as a chest. Below we present some of the models available in the Spanish market.

Benimar is one of the most interesting companies to enter the world of caravanning, with a quality-price ratio adjusted to all types of buyers. The Benimar Sport are their nasturtium range and the Sport S346 model offers space to travel and sleep up to 6 people in a length of 7.11 metres. Furthermore, its price is below 60,000 euros in any Spanish distributor.

The Weinsberg CaraHome 650 DG is similar, but with slightly greater care in the finishes and fabrics used. The six seats are achieved as in the Benimar, by converting the dinette into a double bed and taking advantage of the rear bed and the one placed over the front seats. The presence of superior equipment also affects its price, which will be around 70,000 euros depending on the dealer.

Above would be the Adria Coral XL mentioned above, with an approximate cost of 75,000 to 80,000 euros. Of course, we are talking about a premium model both in design and comfort. Its furniture is characterized by quality and durability, but also for being inspired by Nordic interior design in search of even greater spaciousness. At 7.39 meters long, you can find the 600 DP variant for 5 people on the road for 76,500 euros.

In the 6.99 meter long Elnagh Baron 20, up to 8 people can sleep, although only 6 will be able to circulate inside. Its modularity is the key to a little-known model in Spain, but very practical for large families or those who tend to add “trupe” to their getaways. Furthermore, the manufacturer tries to adjust its equipment to what is essential to be able to offer this model for less than 70,000 euros.

The Rimor Seal 9 is another great bet for families and you can find models available in Spain for 68,000 euros without the IEDMT, which is the registration tax and which must also be applied to previous models. It is almost 7.5 meters of motorhome, but its cabin can accommodate 7 overnight spaces with the rear bunk bed and by converting the dining room into a double bed plus a single bed. Additionally, if you travel as a couple you can use its large trunk to transport a motorcycle.