The best home offers: a Samsung SmartTV or a set of pans with 40%

Many of us were looking forward to the weekend.

Oliver Thansan
Oliver Thansan
18 March 2023 Saturday 01:25
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The best home offers: a Samsung SmartTV or a set of pans with 40%

Many of us were looking forward to the weekend. It's Saturday, the perfect day to meet your friends, buy things or even make changes to your house.

It is normal that from time to time we feel like renovating some other piece of furniture, equipping our kitchen or incorporating some whim that makes our lives easier.

For this reason, the La Vanguardia Buyer team makes it easy for you to find household products that we believe may be useful for you. In addition, you can all have it with discounts that exceed 40%.

With this set of pans you will become the cook in your home. You will achieve incredible results in the dishes you cook.

They come with 3 pans of 20, 24 and 28 cm and a universal lid. The 5-layer nonstick interior generates a granite effect that optimizes cooking performance. The 3-layer nonstick exterior makes for quick and easy cleanup. The universal lid is made of tempered glass that can be perfectly used with all 3 pans.

Start your mornings savoring the coffee made with this Solac coffee maker. It has two coffee outlets so you can prepare two coffees at the same time or a double coffee.

It has a power of 850W and 19 bars of pressure. The tank is 1.25 liters and, in addition, it is removable, perfect for cleaning it without any complications.

This is a unique television design, with an ultra-thin screen that will make you only focus on what is important: the content you consume.

It contains artificial intelligence that allows the QLED 4K processor to fully improve the image quality so that you can enjoy the experience with this product to the fullest.

With this television you can create a cinema atmosphere, bringing together all the speakers at the same time. This exclusive Samsung technology combines the sound from your TV with your soundbar, without canceling either, creating an enveloping atmosphere around you.

This modern and versatile side table design will bring a super modern touch to your home, whether in the living room or in your bedroom. It transmits elegance and its functionality is incredible.

It has a lower shelf, perfect for storing any object. It is ideal as a nightstand, coffee table or side table.

Get a total cleaning in your home without any effort thanks to this floor cleaner. In addition, you will get incredible results without hardly knowing that the vacuum cleaner is working. This is because it has a high-quality brushless monitor with low noise. Therefore, you can rest easy while the vacuum cleaner does its job.

It is very suitable for small spaces between beds, sofas and corners, since it is only 28 cm wide, 7.8 cm thick, and the smallest size makes the robot capable of cleaning any corner of the house.

If you want to start in the world of cooking or improve your dishes, this pan is made for you. It is very suitable for people who cannot lift a lot of weight, since it is made of steel with bi-clad technology that makes the product light.

The diameter of the base is 17.5 cm, the perfect size for cooking any meal.

With this gaming chair you can sit at your desk in the most comfortable way possible. It has adjustable armrests that offer you the greatest comfort experience ever. Its nylon material provides you with the comfort that you so deserve in your gaming games or even when you study.

It has an innovative butterfly system that will provide you with a swing of about 18º that includes a brake that allows you to choose the position in which to put the chair.

Cook quickly and in the simplest way with this fryer without oil. It has 8 preset menu options that you can activate with just one touch, or you can also manually set the cooking time (from 1 to 60 min) and the degrees from 50 to 200° C.

The design of the oil-free fryer includes a hole to collect the cable when not in use, non-slip feet and a cool-touch handle in the basket to check the cooking status at all times or move food while it is cooking.

This high-performance cordless vacuum cleaner has a powerful motor that gives it great suction power. It is ideal for cleaning the house of hair and even dust.

The handheld vacuum cleaner has 2 detachable rechargeable batteries with great autonomy and a duration of 50 minutes. This guarantees complete cleaning of your entire home.

The tube vacuum is lightweight and compact, easy to use with just one hand. In addition, various cleaning accessories are included to effectively remove all kinds of dirt in corners and hard-to-reach areas, making cleaning tasks easier.

Take advantage of your hours at the desk with this RGB keyboard. Your desktop will be illuminated every time you type to write, offering fun in your spare time. It has up to 13 different RGB lighting modes both on the keys and around the keyboard, which provides an ultra gaming sensation.

In addition, thanks to its padded wrist rest, its use will be really comfortable, allowing prolonged use if you show tiredness or wear.

*Prices updated on March 17, 2023

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